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Friday, September 30, 2011


We are looking at the WAFFLE HOUSE Griddle. All across America I have sat at the counter amazed to see employees perform their artistry at the griddle....the food is excellent - and very reasonable. If I am hungry, I hunt up a WAFFLE HOUSE.

We arrived at Harre's home two days ago. Harre was busy, so I pursued SPIA's problem of being tail heavy with SAM's hanging - cantilevered - out so far behind the rear wheels that the front wheels do not properly perform their job...a condition which cannot be tolerated in the Northern Climate we will soon confront.

I drove to three local companies, who all referred me to a Company - ABC Company - in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, about 50 miles away from STARKE. So I took the bull by the horns and drove to JACKSONVILLE.

The owner - another Bruce - convinced me that because of the manner of construction of SPIA's leaf springs, there is absolutely NOTHING to be done to raise the tail end of SPIA as long as SAM is aboard. I had taken SAM off for my visit to ABC Company...they confirmed that SPIA was sitting just fine - without SAM.

I have spent the past two months stopping at Toyota Dealers and numerous "suspension" shops, all of whom have told me the same thing as ABC Company.

So, we must face the fact that SAM can not go with us into the Northern Climates during the Winter. SAM must remain in Florida.

I discussed at length with Harre my problem. Harre wants me to stay with him until the end of December...he has considerable for me to do. In fact, today Harre gave me my first task:


Early this morning, Harre and I set out on my task. When I saw the actual Motor Home, I was shocked...I anticipated a little thing like SPIA...this is a full grown "A" version as seen in the following photographs.

I have worked the entire day INSIDE the Motor Home, cutting it apart and tearing out all the systems and apparatus...handing the pieces out the large hole I cut in the side. Harre loaded up his Pickup Truck as I handed out the remains of a DEAD machine.

I must admit that I was shocked at the crude manner in which the Motor Home was built...I am not an engineer, but I could NEVER accept a machine to travel the highways and hope to stay together being built the way this machine was constructed.

Removing the Air Conditioners (there were two of them) from atop the roof was a particular "harry" experience. They are held in place on a flimsy roof by two 1-inch square steel tubes resting on the side walls. They were heavy as the dickens, but I managed to - from inside the beast - shove them off the rooftop to fall onto the ground.

I also must admit that my carving into the vitals of such a machine has been emotionally difficult for life is now surrounded by just such a machine...and from sad experience I have learned that SPIA is also designed and manufactured in a careless manner using materials totally unsuited for the purpose...anyone want details, just ask.

But, I will finish the job...probably by tomorrow evening.

I also want to comment on Ron's gift to me when I visited he and Vicki a few days ago. Ron gifted me his second book, The Mark. I have stayed up late reading his "Novel". I have previously read the complete series of the "Left Behind" books. The Mark is every bit as well written and perhaps more "believable" than the Left Behind series.

Religion, is a reflection of what I have found in the Deep South.. and I would be amiss if I did not comment on it.

Please say HELLO to Harre Cooney, my Host for the third time during my recent walk.

This is the Motor Home I have been assigned to dismantle. I started by cutting a large hole in the starboard rear to get access inside and create an opening to remove the innards.

So far, all has gone quite well. I have not injured myself. The motor home is nearly gutted. Only the refrigerator, stove, toilet, and one closet remain to be removed.

I plan to complete the job by tomorrow evening.

When complete, the roof, sides, and every item will be gone...only the vehicle running gear will remain.

This would be a great opportunity to take my anger and frustration out on folks who have wronged or cheated me...

Strangely' and to my great relief, I have not found a single person who fit into the category of wronging or cheating me. I feel VERY good about that.

It is now 8:00 pm; it is very dark out. As I prepare to lie down on SPIA's bed, I do so with a bit of guilt...having spent the day desecrating one of her kind.

I wish all a good night. I will return to the road shortly.


Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

We love Waffle House too, they have good food at reasonable prices. Both kids love to eat there, but we only go 3 or 4 times a year!

Glad you are taking a little time off the road ~ rest up and know that we are all looking forward to more of your adventures soon!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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