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Saturday, September 24, 2011


A coupe miles North of GAINSVILLE, TEXAS, we came upon this my eyes, a magnificent piece of art dedicated to those who did not come home from World War II.

I caught the Monument as the Sun was setting behind the camera.

The Monument was a centerpiece for a modern Rest Stop, complete with PERMANENT Security Guard

Turning from the WW II Monument, I caught this scene of the Sun slipping behind the covered Picnic Area.

SPIA, SAM & ME spent the night parked between the two above photographs.

A few miles North of the Texas / Oklahoma border lies the Arbuckle Uplift...a millions of years old mountain range running East to West...the entire range now worn down by wind and rain into a narrow row of hills dominating an otherwise flat prairie extending far to the North into Oklahoma and to the South into Texas.

Another view of the Arbuckle Uplift.

We three Sojourners are driving from FORT SUPPLY, OKLAHOMA back to STARKE, FLORIDA to prepare for the next phase of our stroll around America.

Thought I would add some photographs from my recent visit to GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, MONTANA.

Not too many years ago, GLACIER NATIONAL PARK was literally covered with living Glaciers.

Today, nearly ALL of the Glaciers have melted, leaving the peaks to the rocks and soil.

Where the Sun don't shine, some snow is hanging on.

but, one must ok carefully to find the Glacier remains.

Arriving at the Visitor Center at the Summit, a herd of twenty or so Big Horn Sheep greeted visitors right in the middle of the parking lot. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera, so missed that once in a lifetime opportunity to be up close and personal with some very wild and dangerous animals...The big guys were slamming into each others horns not 5 feet from parked cars and astonished people, including myself.

They were also playful with Humans. A Park Ranger - not 25 years old, and cute as the dickens, chased after the Big Horn Sheep yelling...I told you guys not to come near our Git the Sheep broke into two or three small groups and ran off in different directions...Our fearless young lady Ranger, chasing after one group, knowing full well that the others would turn right back to entertain us visitors...I really believe the entire performance was choreographed.

Not to be out done, I happened upon a small group of Mountain Goats while walking 5 miles or so out from the Visitors Center.

These Mountain Goats are about 6 feet tall and the same in length. They look to be calm and friendly...a big fraud I was told...they are also extremely dangerous.

These three photographs (I have many more) show a particular moment of my close encounter with a single very big Mountain Goat.

I was walking on the path which that animal is crossing over...He turned and walked directly up to me...not 10 feet away and stopped looking me in the eye.

Telepathy told me that this trail was HIS trail and I must move out of the way so he can pass.

I did as he ordered, stepping a foot or two off the trail...whereupon he walked forward, nearly brushing past me, but making no move to touch me.

I save this photograph for last. This is how I first observed this beautiful animal.

From his perch above Lost Lake, he purposefully walked over to the path, confronted me, and when I moved out of his way, strolled on by.

I have been fortunate to travel extensively in many places in our World. These photographs are a sample...if of interest, I would be pleased to share more on this Blog as I prepare to walk the rest of the way AROUND America.

We three are holed up in a Truck Stop on I-20 about 10 miles West of MONROE, LOUISIANA.

In the morning, we drive to SOSO, MISSISSIPPI to visit with Julius.

nite nite

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