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Sunday, September 11, 2011


BOSWELL, OKLAHOMA is a small village, but has one or two nice buildings. This one has been renovated and offers offices - furnished or unfurnished - for rent.

The Twin Towers were a significant part of my life while living in WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK for nearly 20 years. I watched them being built and became a member of Windows On The World in Tower #2. Windows On The World were at the very top.

There were two very formal facing Brooklyn, and one just for lunch or a quick business meeting facing East and South into Wall Street area.. A jacket was REQUIRED to enter either restaurant...if you did not have one, the staff provided one for you to wear.

I enjoyed the smaller restaurant. It had tier seating so even those sitting in the center of the building had an unobstructed view through the floor to ceiling windows. We used to joke about feeling like standing / sitting on a cliff face...a long...a very long way down.

I have visited Ground Zero two times since 9/11/01. A emotional...a humbling experience.

US 70 looking North through early morning BOSWELL, OKLAHOMA.

In the wee early morning hours in BOSWELL, SPIA had a visitor - an unwelcome visitor. I felt SPIA jump...came instantly awake, waiting...and then a strong jolt and shaking...then nothing. I stepped down from the bunk and crept to the rear of SPIA, where the movement came from.
I did not challenge or make a sound...just waited. There was nothing more. I went back to sleep. When I was finished eating and ready to drive, I checked SAM's platform on the rear of SPIA. I have a 2 gallon gas can (plastic) tied securely to the platform. It was lying on it's side and had been pulled partially loose.

This was the first and ONLY incursion against SPIA, SAM, or ME during any of our walks.

No harm done...but with folks getting jumpy lately, must be vigilant.

Last evening, I had walked from BOSWELL West on US 70 for some 14 miles. That takes us 4 miles beyond BENNINGTON, OKLAHOMA, the next town on our journey. So, I drove to BENNINGTON, where SPIA was parked - again at a Convenience Store.

Then, I proceeded to walk another 8 miles to and through the small town of BOKCHITO, OKLAHOMA, and back to SPIA...a total of 16 miles.

It became VERY hot on my walk back, and must admit I did not drink enough. I was becoming light headed and unsteady on my feet by the time I reached SPIA. Bought an Ice Tea, took a stool, and SIPPED my tea for at least 30 minutes, regaining my equilibrium.

The next town up was DURANT, OKLAHOMA, some 20 miles further West on US 70. I drove us to DURANT, and parked at WALMART, where we will spend the night. I am a bit weak, and decided to walk the remaining 8 miles from BOKCHITO in the morning...then again head West another 18 miles to the town of KINGSTON, OKLAHOMA.

Those Round things are bales of hay...the very food cattle ranchers are needing for their hungry and thirsty animals.

From here to the Wyoming border beyond Colorado Great Plains, the landscape looks like the above photograph. We walked that portion last Summer on our failed attempt to reach Key West via OKLAHOMA CITY.

A Puddle of Water. This is normally a rather large gone dry. There were a number of turtles in that water...another few days and it, too, will be dry.

and, another Puddle. This one had turtles and a huge Blue Heron which flew away when it saw my shadow looking over the side of the bridge...too quickly for me to get a picture.

The turtles are also very quick, sliding into the water at my approach. The water is shallow and clear. I could easily see the turtles under water, scurrying across the bottom to hide.

Even Humans have water problems. This fellow said he is a auto mechanic, but is so busy fixing other people's vehicles, he has not had time to replace his manifold water intake gasket...and must refill the radiator every few hours with 7 gallons of water...which he was doing as I chatted and watched. His "lady" in the car was NOT happy looking and glared at me as I continued walking.

This I would expect in in Oklahoma, I am a bit surprised. But then, everyone is entitled to privacy.

As I head North, a growing number of such monuments are appearing along the roads.

a bit of CHOCTAW Indian History.

The welcoming words from the town of BOKCHITO, OKLAHOMA...they have a pretty good baseball heritage.


US 70 as it passes through BOKCHITO.

BOKCHITO Pavilion, a town meeting available for rent / lease.

The Pavilion is behind this bank's reader board...93 degrees and only 11:00 am. An hour ago the sky was a crystal clear blue. Clouds are forming - materializing as I watch.

Next to WALMART is LOWEs. I walked over and purchased another angle to complete the repair to SPIAs defective side wall. Now all I need is electricity so I can drill the holes I need.
The original repair appears to be holding just fine. It did not leak during last night's rain...still had puddles on the road this morning.

It is now 7:30 pm, local. The Sun is dipping beneath the Western Horizon, and I am getting weary. Tomorrow I plan to walk 26 miles. Closing in on 10,000 miles walked and it is beginning to tell.

nite nite

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