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Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night brought lightning, thunder, and rain. It rained most of the night and was still raining when I dressed for my morning walk. Thirty minutes into my walk, the rain stopped, the sky opened up, but the wind continued cold. Top temperature today was 68 degrees. At night I needed two duvet to keep warm.

Self photographs while walking do not produce the best results, but just wanted to share that I really do show up nicely. If someone hits me, it will not be accidental.

SPIA was relegated to the upper 40 last night...she stayed there until 11:30 local.

Walked 16 miles from WAURIKA, OKLAHOMA North on US 81 to within 7 miles of DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA,

Did not go into the town of WAURIKA as the highways bypassed it entirely.

US 81 is a good road...some long hills, and views into forever.

Looking South on US 81 with WAURIKA in the distance.

Today, I rescued my third turtle (tortoise?) This not so little fellow was crossing US 81. It was in the Northbound traffic lane with a long line of vehicles coming quickly.

I rushed to him, waving my arms at the traffic. No time for a photograph. I picked him up with both hands and carried him back to the berm. When the traffic passed, I held him up for them to see (later discovered a second one about 100 feet away, also about to cross the highway - I was then driving SPIA, and did not stop).

I then carried him across the highway - in the direction he was originally heading - to about 20 feet down a grassy bank. I put him down, lay down on the grass in front of him and we chatted for a bit. Must admit I scolded him about crossing the highway. There was a culvert about 100 feet away...I pointed it out and told him it is much safer to cross UNDER the highway.

He just stared at me from inside his shell, flapping his beaked mouth at me. He did not flinch when I petted his front right leg, so guess he was not too upset with me.

If you click click these photographs, they enlarge nicely. This is the rear view.

This is how I left the little fellow. Sure hope he is OK tonight.

US 81 is on the old Chisholm Trail. There are a number of monuments, signs, and museums along US 81, especially in the small City of DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA.

This is the small town (one traffic light) of COMANCHE, OKLAHOMA.

As I had walked earlier the miles to take me far beyond COMANCHE, I drove SPIA through, parked for a quick walk through the center of town, and continued on to DUNCAN.

US 81 as it passes through DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA. DUNCAN is about two miles North to South. I drove SPIA to WALMART near the North end, parked, and walked back through town and return. Stopped in at a Chinese Buffet ($8.75) which was excellent.

I have begun to wonder about the Chinese Buffets I have visited and the many more that I have not visited. Each one has nearly identical decor and 99 % the same menu. The employees are nearly always Chinese young folks, many who apparently do not speak English.

If I were to surmise, I would surmise that there might just be a connection across the USA between these restaurants...the similarities are too close and many to be coincidental.

During the Iraq War, I remember much criticism (at least questing comments) about the activities of HALLIBURTON...contracted by the US Government in rebuilding Iraq Infrastructure. Walking across America, I have often passed by Halliburton Activities, wondering just what Halliburton was about.

Today, I happened upon a "Memory Park", highlighting the life and accomplishments of Erle P. Halliburton, founder of the Company.

To read the monument inscriptions of the following photographs, please click click them.

I found this information quite interesting. It says nothing, of course, of the present HALLIBURTON Corporation.

An interest and inviting Saloon on US 81 in DUNCAN.

Memory Park also has a series of monuments honoring DUNCAN'S sons and daughters giving their lives in recent Wars...

As I crossed America, I have come across perhaps a handful of town with such monuments. I am certain I missed most of what is really out there. Like "crosses" along the roadways, I stop to read and contemplate these tributes to those who gave everything they had for us.

Last night's rain did a bit to some empty streams. I have not, of course, seen this particular stream before, but judging from those I have seen - hundreds of them - the water in this one is of recent origin...that is to say, last night and this morning.

On the other hand, this rather large puddle has been around for a while as there were some rather large fish splashing the surface as I walked up...tried to photograph them, but they refused to move while I was standing above them on the bank.

OKLAHOMA Flag flying at half-mast with Old Glory in Memory Park, DUNCAN, OKLAHOMA.

Tomorrow morning, SPIA will once again hang out at WALMART while I head out on feet up US 81 toward the town of

We are now about 45 miles South and West of OKLAHOMA CITY. In three days, will switch to US 270 which is a tangent to the North West, about 70 miles from WOODWARD OKLAHOMA.

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Bob said...

You would have a grand old time in Minnesota during turtle migration. The roads are covered with squashed critters.