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Monday, September 12, 2011


Autumn is in the night air, but flowers are still struggling to live a bit longer.

Up at the crack of dawn, walked out of WALMART, DURANT, OKLAHOMA, leaving SPIA behind. It was a brisk morning, clear skies, and I was feeling great. Returning to SPIA 6.5 hours later, I had walked 24 miles and was ready for more.

DURANT, OKLAHOMA Water Tower about 4 miles West of DURANT on US 70.

Stopped to say HI to this Sheriff. Folks were behaving themselves this morning.

Water is getting mighty scarce. This Dock is high and dry...and the bit of rain we had a couple nights ago wetted the ground a bit, but did nothing for the streams, rivers, lakes, or ponds.

The small Burg of MEAD, OKLAHOMA with US 70 running thru it. Stopped at a convenience store at this 8 mile mark from DURANT for an Ice Tea...then kept going into the distance.

There are actually two horses in this photograph. The second one kept moving behind the front one. I even walked around to the other side of the corral to get her pic, but she still moved to hide from the camera. She knew very well what I was up to and was having none of it.

The horse in front is a beauty.

All across America this "Carport" is for sale...always at $595.00. The taller version goes for $695.00.

As I walked up to this fenced field with a large - and rapidly evaporating - pond, a dozen or so Goats ran up to me. This fellow is particularly handsome.

They were bounding around, running up to me, backing away...having a jolly ole time.

I was talking to them all the time and took a number of photographs.

This little guy got bold, came right up to me and began a verbal communication. I was not sure about that look in his eye...that is until:

He obviously wanted a Kiss. He settled for a nibble on my finger and a scratch over his nose.


Please say HELLO to Jackie (left) and Lola Lamar.

These two ladies have a "Yard Sale" business going on their 2.5 acre land adjoining US 70.
So, I stopped and chatted for a few minutes - received a bottle of Ice Water - thank you, Lola.

Seems business is good...a number of clients came, purchased, and went while I was there. Neither lady got up...just sat chatting with me, taking the $$ as folks came up to announce their purchase.

Lola said she has a whole warehouse full of "stuff", much of it brand new, and is considering re-opening their once upon a time Flea Market.

Lola also has 24 rental homes that she owns and manages...says it is a good life...although misses her recently deceased does Jackie miss her Mother who recently passed away.

The (well planned) impromptu Garage Sale.

from US 70...lots of parking on the left.

A Gated Ranch House.

and another...

Rolled Hay is still on the move.

As are the rather large number of businesses offering REPOSSESSED MANUFACTURED HOMES. A few weeks I did a bit on this business.

The above photograph shows many such homes. Behind the camera are many more. The sign out front offers a fully set up - on your property - a double wide 2 bathroom, 3 bedroom for $14,000.00.

Wonder if the Bank would not have been $$ ahead to just let the original defaulters stay in their homes until Uncle Sam pumped more $$ into the industry.

The distance is growing as the land flattens out. There have been a few bumps and dips, but mostly this part of Oklahoma is flat.

US 70 round a curve and climbing a gentle hill near MADILL, OKLAHOMA.

SPIA is parked for the night at another WALMART in MADILL. I tried to sleep for a bit, but inside SPIA was a runaway oven. To cool off, I dressed for walking and hit the road...must have been well over 100 degrees outside and 125 inside SPIA.

Walked another 8 miles BACK from MADILL toward the town of MEAD. I have now caught up with the skipped miles of yesterday heading into DURANT.

This is a typical Fence Line Anchor.

In land without trees (for fenceposts), fences are often constructed around an Anchor Point seen in the above photograph. This particular fence line today had about 20 such "Anchors" along a mile or so fence.

In the Western Deserts and High Rocky Mountains one will find many of these fence Anchors.

I keep 8 or 10 liter bottles filled with water, ice tea, or power drink in SPIAs refrigerator. Nice to haves a "cold one" ; this afternoon, the bottom door shelf of the fridge broke. Must defrost the entire fridge to repair the shelf...

In the morning, will leave SPIA at WALMART and continue walking. I have a logistic routing problem. I can head North from MADILL in the morning to OKLAHOMA CITY, then North West to WOODWARD, our final destination...this is the shortest route and assures of VERIZON signal...

or, I can continue West on US 70 another 50 miles or so before heading North. This option takes us around OKLAHOMA CITY by about 30 miles (I do not like to walk near large cities), is a bit longer, and might lose VERIZON signal from time to time.

By morning, I will have a decision; probability is to head North from MADILL.

We shall see.

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