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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Having spent a second night in Port Angeles, the wicked rain / wind storm has passed through.

I am not much good at sitting idle waiting for time to pass...I must get back into the game; i.e., I must walk !

So, this morning I set off from Port Angeles at 0830 hours (8:30 am) - leaving the Mazda MPV parked at the Safeway Supermarket.  At 1430 hours (2:30 pm) I returned to fetch the car...and since Safeway has computer friendly tables / electricity, decided to call it a day having walked some 25 miles toward our next town:  Forks.

It is now 1600 hours (4:00 pm), with our blog for the day nearly complete.  It remained cold and overcast, but only sporadic rain.  Another bottle of 5-hour energy enhancing helped climb up and down numerous steep mountain hills.

Feels good to be back on the road.

A number of mountain-oriented photographs follow without comment...just beautiful to behold...

Many 18-wheeler Logging Trucks ply this part of US 101, which we are now walking.  The above image is a station where such logging trucks stop to have their load of logs measured and graded as they exit the nearby forest logging areas.

This entire region - the Olympic Peninsula  - is Indian Country.  Local indigenous folks (Indians) are master carvers, be it cedar log canoes or Totem Poles such as the one pictured above.

It is my desire to circle the US of A, using roadways which skirt the extremities of the land.  The above sign post directing traffic on Washington State Highway 112 to the Indian town of Sekiu / Neah Bay, is a one-way roadway to the Northwestern most point of the Pacific Northwest, some 50 miles distant.  It is a single road...i.e., there is no continuation beyond Sekiu, so it does not qualify to be walked in our quest.

As we reach distant southern areas, numerous "continuous" by-way roadways will be encountered which will take us away from US 101...and onto secondary roadways which skirt close to the Pacific Ocean...not normally traveled by tourists heading from point A to point B.

When not loaded with logs, many truckers carry the "trailer" unit piggy back on the truck...other truckers tow that piggy back "trailer" behind.

Encountered the "JUNCTION" - a local Tavern (Bar and Grill).  Stopped in to get warm, only to encounter the NFL Football game between the 49ers and Carolina.  Took a moment to take a photograph...then continued on my way into the distant Olympic National Forest and ELWA River Valley (and back to Port Angeles, some 14 miles distant).

Scenery which needs no explanation...The Olympic Mountains have NO foothills.  All Olympic Mountains are big and beautiful.

Beginning of the ELWA River Valley...where we walked for a few miles before turning back to Port Angeles.  It was along the Elwa River that many years ago, I hunted Elk - with no success.

A "logging road"  heading into the back country of the Olympic Mountains.

Returning on US 101 to Port Angeles, the view is different from walking in the other direction.  This view is looking Northward across the fabled Straits of Juan de Fuca...looking at the distant mountains of Canada's Vancouver Island.  The world famous city of VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada, is just a bit to the right of this image's view...a short ferry boat ride from Port Angeles.

We plan to remain at the Western edge of the city of Port Angeles take advantage of the 24-hour services of Safeway's Grocery Store.  Before dawn in the morning, will drive SPIA-2 some 28 miles west on US 101, where we will park and continue our walk to the small town of Forks, some 45 miles distant from tonight's parking spot.

I wish to thank those who have "donated" $$ to further my effort to keep forging ahead on our walk and roll.  Your kindness is very much appreciated.

p.s.:  my left knee injured in the fall on the icy bridge a few days ago is again swelling and quite painful.  Tonight will be treated with some IBUPROFEN.

Sure wish the rear door handle a real chore to wiggle my way out of the sleeping quarters !

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