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Thursday, January 23, 2014


I must admit that today has been one of great learning and pleasure...aai learned that ai have yet so very much to learn.  5 years I have proudly...and wrongly...announced that I

 had my own VERISON account a nd had no need for "your" Wii-Fii service.

And for 5 years I have cursed as I struggled to create this blog when "MY" connection was marginal at best...sometimes resulting in the loss of hours of detailed computer work.

Today, I learned just WHY Wii-Fii exists.  Wireless connection in Reymond is on again --- off again, making me believe that my wee HP Netbook was failing me again.

Please say HELLO to ANABEL, the young lady from Mc Donalds who convinced me to CONNECT to their Wii-Fii.


My computer works as a new machine !!!

Immense pleasure has returned to creating this blog.

Thank you, Anabel.

The WILLAPA River.

US 101 leaving Reymond, Washington, heading South.

Reymond artist has taken art far beyond the town.

A rather overloaded heavy haul truck being checked over by Washington Stater Patrol...who informed me weight allowments are determined as to the number of AXLES...with 22,000 pounds allowed for a pair of axles - with a total "RIG" allowance of 102,000 pounds for "normal" overloads...with 200,000 pounds allowed provided the proper number of axles AND $$ are paid for the "over normal" weight permits.

It has been drizzling and foggy all day.  At least, no snow YET.

 Ready Cement plant.  Sand, Portland Cement, and water are loaded into truck "mixers", which mix the ingredients while the truck is en-route to the work site.

Oyster shells being "cleaned".  These shells are being reclaimed from warehouse size piles of oyster shells shucked some 75 years ago.  I remember dozens of seemingly mountain-size piles of oyster shells from before World War II.

Please say HELLO to LEON...lead man of the oyster shell recovery crew.

...These shells, says Leon, will be spread across the shallow bottom of WILLAPA Bay, to serve as nutrition and anchors for the extensive beds of young Steamer Clams.which attach themselves to the ancient oyster shells

Pile of oyster shells deposited nearly a century being harvested to assist clams to grow.

An 1890s DONKEY ENGINE...bringing muscle power onto remote logging operations.


Town of South Bend neighborhood.

Please say HELLO to the owner of HELPING HAND Of WILLAPA Harbor...extending assistance - of all kinds - to those in need.

In a drizzle, folks are braving the cold for a stroll along the Pedestrian Walkway along US 101.

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