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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Two sunny days in a row...but VERY cold in the early morning hours.

Today, decided to walk from SEASIDE to the next village, CANNON BEACH, some 10 miles south on US 101...but on the other side of a range of steep hills.  Such a nice day, just kept on walking after reaching the top of the hills...not realizing the steepness of the "down" side.

Upon return to SEASIDE, some 6 hours later, my left shin tendon turned up quite sore...from too long a step while descending the hill(s).  Tomorrow will determine if it is temporary...or if I'm facing another major injury.

I am simply not paying attention.  It has taken up to two months to get into normal condition after a couple weeks layoff.  I MUST take it easy and slow for the next few weeks...just hope it is not already too late.

Please say HELLO to BRIAN.  Brian was "rolling" down the highway on his skate board when we met going in opposite directions.  Lucky Brian, a bus happened along to give him a ride back to SEASIDE, some 4 miles distant.

Not much of excitement today...just climbing two difficult hills and coming back down the other side(s) too quickly, resulting in the tendon I progress with this update, the pain / swelling is growing.


Familiar droppings to deer hunters...these were only a couple feet off the paved highway; he / she must have been waiting for a spot to cross the busy highway.

CANNON BEACH is at the bottom of this hill, only 1/8 mile distant.  I finally realized the steepness of the hill, and returned to back up that steep hill and down the even steeper other side.

Please say HELLO to SCOTT RICE, who stopped on the side of busy US 101 to see what I was about.  Think Scott believes I'm a bit off my rocker to be walking the circumference of America.  Scott, however, expressed pleasure in my attempt to promote awareness of th LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

US 101 as I neared SEASIDE on the return from CANNON BEACH.  Not many trucks on this Sunday, but tourists are out in force...dangerous out there today !

Do not know what to expect tomorrow.  Condition of the leg injury will dictate.  At the minimum, will drive from SEASIDE to CANNON BEACH...then; anybody's guess...

Could use a restful night in a motel...with a good hot bath...but that must wait for one more week.


Anonymous said...

You threw us a curve. We wanted to meet you on the road, but thought you'd be in Bellingham for another week. Good luck on your walk. Cousin FRED E from Olympia

Rodney Hess said...

I just love all your great photos. It will be fun seeing the seasons progress as you go along your route.

Be careful of all the logging trucks as you get into Oregon. My Dad's brother worked at a saw mill in Oregon many years ago, before he moved to a farm in Montana, to start dairying.

Take care of those legs, and don't push yourself so hard.