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Monday, January 27, 2014


Another nice day to start...but rain forecast for this evening and the next two days...would be nice to find a place to hole up.  Walked the steep cliff sides of the Pacific Ocean between CANNON BEACH and MANZANITA, Oregon.  Arrived in Manzanita about 1400 hours (2:00 pm), only to find that it is not allowed to park, must leave town and find a spot out of the way.  The next town is some 25 miles distant, which will be the destination for tomorrow.

Seems the injury of yesterday was either not so serious or has healed during the night.


The entire town of CANNON BEACH is of a single design...deep brown cedar shingles on nearly every building and home.  Folks are very friendly and responsive to visitors.

Main Street, CANNON BEACH.

HAYSTACK ROCK in the distance...known far and wide beyond CANNON BEACH.

Wind Blown seaside trees...very common along the shore of the PACIFIC OCEAN.

Many look alike beach front homes...sitting right up to the beach sand.


What passes for a mall.

Where I stopped in for a bite of lunch.

Tide won this race.


US 101 between CANNON BEACH and MANZANITA is really fantastic ... one of the most interesting coast lines in Oregon.

Please say HELLO to THOMAS and SABRINA...visitors from HAMBURG, Germany.

Camera pointed directly down some 500 feet from the roadway to the bottom of the ocean side cliff.
The roadway is constructed with huge stone blocks cantilevered out from the cliff face.

The small town of MANZANITA sits on the distant flat shoreline.

The one image I took of MANZANITA.  Not a single person...information bureau or City Hall offered fact flat out said the town has a law forbidding overnight parking / camping.  The State of Oregon also posts signs along US 101 forbidding overnight parking.

Must get creative to find a place to park tonight.

May have to find a side road into the hills...out of sight...out of mind.

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