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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Another day...another few miles...

After receiving good news from the Emergency Room, walked some 10 miles back toward Oak Harbor, taking some time to browse through the 1800's village of Coupeville.

Front entrance of the Coupeville / Whidbey Island Hospital which was so pleasant to me today.

From Coupeville, a view onto Penn Cove.  Coupeville is on the opposite (southern) shore from where we stayed last night.

A map of Whidbey Island.  About 50 miles long, situated some 40 miles north of the city of Seattle, this urban landmass is home to gentlemen farmers, U.S. Navy Naval Air Station, one large town of Oak Harbor, a handfull of small villages, and hundreds of "residents", many of whom take a ferry boat to the mainland for their jobs at the Boeing Airplane Company factory at Everett, Washington, where is manufactured the 747, 777, and soon to be the 777X.

Main street of Coupeville.

Coupeville downtown building...150 years ago, Coupeville was a major shipping port in the SALISH Sea (Puget Sound).

Town pier at Coupeville.

Walking from Coupeville to the ferry landing was only a 5 mile stroll.  The ferry boats are only one year old and of superb design.  On the ferry boat seating area tables lie some half-finished keep passengers entertained ???

The small harbor where the ferry boat docks on Whidbey Island for the 35 minute cruise to the mainland town of Port Townsend, Washington.  As we crossed the SALISH Sea, a large nuclear submarine crossed in front of us, as did a huge container ship on it's way to the inner Puget Sound to unload.

The salt water bay lying in front of the town of Port Townsend, where SAM and ME are parked in the lot of SAFEWAY Supermarket for the all night...what a treat; and a place for computers, too.

One of the three (3) new 75-car ferry boats which serve the Whidbey Island to Port Townsend route.  We sailed on the above boat, named SALISH.  The other two are named CHETZAMOKA and KENNEWICK.

Port Townsend main street.  A shopper's dream.

* * * * * * * * * *

We have many more images available.  The internet service this evening is, however, acting up, not allowing normal procedures of our computer.  Have had to reboot a number of times to get this much work done.

In the morning, we will walk and roll West toward the small city of Port Angeles, Washington, some 40 miles distant.  Hopefully the extreme cold and intense rainfall is finished for the moment.  This afternoon has been clear, but very windy ( + / - 35 miles per hour).

My chest is a bit better after taking the Ibprophan (sp), the pain has digressed.  Now only the serious pain is the groin pull...oh, fun fun.....

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