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Saturday, January 18, 2014


This day has not worked out at all as I envisioned.

First of all, thank you, Lacy, for your e-mail. 

Because of kind donation(s), I have left Bellingham.  Am now in the Grays Harbor town of Elma...about 75 miles south of Kalaloch, from which I cut short the walk of two days ago.  It appears that I will be able to continue uninterrupted on our walk.

Will stay overnight in Elma...the home town of my wife # 2...Sharon.  No, Sharon no longer lives here, and we were married for 15 years and remain friends.

The above image is the Washington State Ferry Boat, KENNEWICK, leaving the
Coupville (Fort Casey State Park)...which deserves a comment or two for historical memories.
During World War I and II, Fort Casey, together with the United States Philippines Bastion, mounted the largest artillery guns to defend both countries from invasion.  Fort Casey's guns are no longer in place, but the waters lying in front of the Fort Casey Ferry Landing has the notoriety to be the location of the discovery of (one of the) largest Octopus on record anywhere in the I recall, that critter measured 32 feet in diameter.

The largest Octopus I personally saw captured completely by hand from a depth of 100 feet under the Tacoma Narrows a "free diving" (no breathing air) competitor.
... measured 19 feet in diameter.  The competitor free dived to the bottom, lured the octopus from their rocky lair, putting a strangle hold around the monster's neck, causing it to go limp for the swim back to the surface, where it was stuffed into the "hold" of the diver's kyak which was anchored to the bottom.

The octopi were all returned to the salty waters after the contest.

The above image is of the new design of ferry boat "bumpers" which guide the boat during
docking maneuvers.

Tomorrow morning I continue walking south on US 101 from Elma.

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Rodney Hess said...


What wonderful news for you. Just keep[ on "Trucking". I knew that people would support you, after your many, many journeys. Have a great walk.