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Thursday, January 2, 2014


A MARATHON A DAY....what is so unique about such an accomplishment ??

Since setting out on March 20, 2010, SAM and ME have completed something over 19,000 miles crossing America some five times coast to coast, at an average of somewhat in excess of 30 miles per day...this across mountains, deserts, and swamps, and just plain ole' grasslands.

This, we have accomplished at the age of nearly 80 years old.  This we have accomplished without support of any kind.  This we have accomplished with the goal to continue into the indefinite future.  This we have accomplished without sickness - and until North Dakota, without injury.

In the next 48 hours, SAM and ME once again take to the roadways of America...ALONE.

Our goal is not one of speed.  Our goal is one of remaining healthy and completing a full counter clockwise CIRCUMNAVIGATION of America without injury or incident, taking many on a adventure - through the magic of our blog - dreamed by many but so far, done by none.

Along the way, we will promote AWARENESS of our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.  Implementing the full scope of our bodily IMMUNE SYSTEM and BODILY CLEANSING SYSTEM, which has been for us, the key to total health.  There is one DAILY requirement:  The body must be exercised continuously and thoroughly each and every day.  We choose walking some 10 hours daily, effectively exercising the range of bodily muscles which POWER OUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

Discovering America, it's people, it's animals, it's grandeur, at 4 miles per hour.

Of course, we have...and will continue to daily fill this blog with the treasures we find along the way.

We are pleased that so many have chosen to join us.

It costs NOTHING to activate and maintain one of our most important bodily systems...OUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.  All we must do is:

 M - O - V - E

Our  LYMPHATIC SYSTEM...our Immune System...DOES NOT...CAN NOT...function on it's own.

WE must MOVE to activate our muscular groups BODY-WIDE to stimulate our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM to do it's job.

There is nothing anyone can do to purchase the benefits of our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.  Money means nothing.  Our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM gives us unlimited health totally FREE...there is nothing to buy...the benefits come from one and only one way:  FROM OUR

 M - O - V - E - M - E - N - T

We have all heard for most of our lives that we really benefit by getting off our tush and move a bit.  Nowhere have I discovered any advice as to WHY our movement is beneficial.  We guess that it is good for our heart or some other such thing.  NOT (Necessarily) TRUE.

We must MOVE and MOVE A LOT solely to stimulate our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM to do it's job.

...and it's job is to keep us move liquids throughout our entire body...always from our extremities toward the primary central organs...and by so doing, suck up body invaders such as virus, bacteria, poison, toxin, and yes, even CANCER CELLS...all of which intruders are identified, combated, and DESTROYED by our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

But, our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM does not...can not...function by itself.  IT HAS NO PUMP TO MOVE THE FLUIDS AND THEIR DEADLY CARGO THROUGH OUR BODY.  Only we can do

M - O - V - I - N - G.

SAM and ME have graphically demonstrated how our body - even "OLD" Bodies, such as mine, remain healthy through stimulation of our body muscle groups to stimulate our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM into action.
This by WALKING endlessly.

One not need to walk to the degree achieved by SAM and ME.  Enough to begin to become aware that we do indeed have our own health in our own hands...that we have a magical LYMPHATIC SYSTEM within our body...crying out to be allowed to do the job it has been keep our body healthy...and to know that our body itself is charged with the responsibility to power our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM into action.

This is life which cannot be purchased...This is life which is FREE.

The internet is full of details about the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM...what it is, where it is, what is i'ts job, and how each of us must stimulate it into doing it's job.

It has become the goal of SAM and ME on our new trek, to inform all who will make each person aware of our LYMPHATIC take our our lives and health into our own hands.... is so very easy

...M - O - V - E

and it cannot be already belongs to each and everyone...for FREE .

Today, I completed move of all large items from the apartment to a 10 x 10 storage unit ($67.00/mo).  Tonight I sleep on the apartment floor lying on a thin foam pad, tucked in by my king-size comforter...and, of course, with my 4 pillows...a trial run of the "bed" I have prepared in the rear of our MAZDA MPV, which will protect SAM and ME each night (SAM will be snug beside me, also inside our MPV) for the next year or so as we travel on our walk and roll skimming the edges of America.

In the morning, I will aggressively attack the dirt and muck seemingly always left in a just-vacated-home.  Will hopefully clean well enough to obtain a "release" of my $500.00 deposit.  On Saturday morning, January 04, 2014, SAM and ME plan to walk and roll out of Bellingham, heading south by way of the Pacific Ocean Coastline, to the city of San Diego, which we should reach in early March 2014...then east for another few thousand miles or the rate of somewhat more than a MARATHON A DAY...thanks to the symbiotic relationship we will maintain with our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

At 10:00 am, I have a "follow-up" appointment with the Cardiology Unit at the hospital...follow up to the operations last week to insert the two stents into my heart.  I feel fantastic.  Have worked my tush off all day today moving HEAVY furniture items...hopefully not damaging the recent incisions, etc.

In the morning, we shall see......

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Ronalee said...

We will be following you on your journey with great admiration!