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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


WOW...last night was a doozie (doozie = something of significance).  Over nighting in the small Pacific Coast town of ROCKAWAY BEACH, Oregon, we nearly got pulverized by the incessant pouring rain...really rained CATS and DOGS - or was it - really rained so hard even Fred could not have danced...all dominated by stormy winds to nearly topple over my poor old Mazda.

There was not a chance I could walk in such a maelstrom of power...and on top of it, thick clouds lay flat on the ground - and on the Pacific Ocean Waters - that it would have been suicidal to step onto US 101 with big rigs (18 wheelers) loaded with logs roaring past throwing solid waves of water to rival that of a Car Wash.

So, all afternoon, all evening, all night, all morning, I remained inside SPIA-2 (my Mazda MPV).

Around 1000 hours (10:00 am), decided to drive the short 4 miles to the next town, GARIBALDI, Oregon, to see if conditions were any better.

Following is the finding:

Rain and wind abated significantly in the valley of GARIBALDI, surrounded nearby hills.

Immediately, I met a local Policeman, who invited me to overnight in the towns primary property...on the shore of the above marina...a "park" prepared for visitors, including spacious parking precisely on the water; a "park" including fish cleaning (enclosed and heated) sinks with guidance for processing local caught my palate, the best tasting fish that swims...

...and including modern heated CLEAN restrooms...and, of all things, showers with HOT water and clean floors.

Such a revelation ... a town which cares for it's visitors in a way rarely seen.

In the not too distant past, a town which had it's own railroad trans to explore the Oregon Pacific Coast...

...and for a rather small town, appointments usually reserved for much larger population centers.

Please say HELLO to TAMI, the Town Barber for the last 18 years...and,
her client DAVE.

Tami and I had a fascinating conversation awaiting Dave's arrival...a lady with a good head on her more than one way...for whom the recent "recession" has been a non-event, because, as she says, her steady clientele together with tourists keep her very busy.

A "relic" of the past, standing tall in the center of town, is first to gain the newcomer's attention when entering GARIBALDI.  Lifting smoke from burning incinerators of the local lumber mill at the turn of the 20th Century, this Smoke Stack stands alone...the top few layers of bricks ripped away in the 2007 wind storm - over 100 miles per hour winds).

Of some current controversy, the Smoke Stack's safety is causing some to want it torn down.  As one resident told me...a rather popular position...that is, until mention of the $1,000,000.00 price tag to do so.

In the shadow of the Smoke Stack is the first - but not only - ESPRESSO Drive In as one enters (or leaves) GARIBALDI from the South.

Please say HELLO to JOSSE...just the name Mom and Dad gave to me...said the delightful coffee barrister with whom I not only had an interesting conversation, but also warmed me up from the declining but still cold windy afternoon...with a hot cuppa coffee..thank you again, Josse.

Considering the welcome I received in GARIBALDI by the Police, by the Bakery Shop, by NORMA,  the Librarian (where I am once again preparing this blog update in a toasty quiet room), and, by JOSSE, I plan to stay a second night here.

The large town of TILLAMOOK (Cheese Country) is only 10 miles to the south.  So, I will walk to that famous city - as well as the 4 miles to the North; i.e., to ROCKPORT, tomorrow...rain / wind permitting.

I discovered by a random phone call from my vehicle insurance agent that my insurance has been STOPPED as of January 10 - because of non-payment ($172.00 / 6 months).  My recent Apartment host has REFUNDED me $260.00 (for which I am forever grateful).  It will be banked tomorrow by my Nephew, Carl, who is playing Postman for me (thank you, Carl).  This event has lifted any remaining strain on my budget, but must wait 36 hours for the new $$ to get posted to my bank account (DEBIT Card).

It is now 1622 hours (14:22 pm) and the rain / wind has essentially stopped.

I look forward to a pleasant night / day / night in GARIBALDI, Oregon


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Gene who was dancing in the rain?


Glad to see you're on the road again. Best of luck and happy trails.

H in PR

Anonymous said...

The Tillamook library is wonderful. It has wifi. There's also a Fred Meyer when you enter town from the north, with a Starbucks inside that should have wifi. A cheap taco truck near Lin's restaurant on the west side of the road that lots of people eat at.
As for parking overnight, you might try asking in Netarts at the Upstairs Tavern if you can park there or ask them where you might be able to. There's also a shelter in Tillamook they set up when it's cold. (ask at the library)