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Monday, May 24, 2010

Are SAM & Motorcycle Safe

Thank you for discussions regarding yesterday's post.

Major question that has been put on the table is: Are SAM and Motorcycle Safe for the time left parked unattended - sometimes in VERY isolated and desolate places - while moving the Van/Trailer/Motorcycle from place to place.

I have often been accused in my life of being too trusting. Being an on-the-top-of-the-table kinda guy, perhaps I AM too trusting.

Reminds me of the contract I managed many years ago for my employer, a well known Tacoma Industrial Crane manufacturing company, now out of business for over 40 years.

We were designing, building and installing the (at the time) largest container crane in the world in the old Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in New York City.

The customer asked for numerous design changes. Being Contracts Manager, I was entrusted to fly to a Manhattan meeting to negotiate the changes. During the discussions, I was told bluntly by one of the 30 or so client members in the meeting that (paraphrased): What you people out West have not yet learned is that you don't come here without.....etc. My response (paraphrased) was that... Out West we did or negotiations on top of the table...etc.

The phone rang. It was for me...I took it in the outer office. My boss asked what the he_ _ did I think I was doing because he received a call that I really pis_ _ _ off my client(s). The conference room door did not open again until after 6 pm. I was told the meeting had ended and I was free to go.

I was never again allowed to speak to the client...but did my Contract Management job through a colleague.

Point of the story is...oh, forget it... It was a lesson well learned. Many years later, I lived in a New York City suburb for 20 years primarily to learn about the mindset of the wonderful (and they are mostly VERY wonderful) folks there.

Still doesn't change my characteristic of trusting.

So, I have decided to protect SAM and Motorcycle in the best way my characteristics allow.

I will openly advertise on this blog, where and when SAM and Motorcycle will be alone. I will hang SAM's banner (a blowup of our "business card") on each vehicle to identify them as belonging to SAM & ME walk. If someone wants to steal or vandalize my babies, then so be it. They will have to do so with the whole World watching.

I trust in my fellow man; but, just in case, I will inform the State Police, etc., what I am about and that SAM & Motorcycle will of necessity, be standing alone by the roadside for a few short hours during the daytime. Doesn't hurt to make certain the entire World does know. Safety in Knowledge?

Can I be so naive?

We shall see !

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