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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Taking another weekend off is not of my choosing, but here we are, still in Bellingham.

Motorcycle was FINALLY repaired (gas leak) on Saturday. Since servicing the motorcycle in November, it has developed a -at first slow- fuel leak. Had it serviced three more times through last week, with increasing fuel leakage and "loading up" upon acceleration. Each "service" claimed to fix the problem, but it has persisted and worsened.

Saturday, at the suggestion of friend Fahri, took the motorcycle to Mark at URAL NORTHWEST motorcycle here in Bellingham. After hearing my sad story, Mark agreed to take a look. Instead of tearing into the carburation system, as had been done on previous "service" attempts, Mark put the machine on his service rack and started her up, flashlight in hand. Less than 2 minutes later he says...Bruce, take a look...there is your leak.

Two hours later, Mark calls on my cell...Bruce, your cycle is ready...WOW, you really mean it...Yep!. Drove out to URAL NORTHWEST in the Guide Meridian. Mark says...the problem was a missing bolt from the carburetor bowl. MY COMMENTS: Deceleration stops/slows the fuel pump; open gasket (where bolt is missing) allows fuel to drain out of the bowl; upon re-acceleration (hitting the throttle), excess air is sucked in and the motor stalls until pump again fills the bowl with gas. When engine is shut down, fuel again drains out enough to puddle on the ground. In addition, one spark plug was severely burned from wrong gas/air mixture.

Once again, I remind everyone that I am NOT a mechanic, or an electrician, or an engineer, or any other exotic craftsman...then again, I'm not fully stupid, and try to pay attention and analyse what is going on around me. Much too often, I goof it up. Sometimes I get lucky.

Because U-Haul rejected their previously contracted storage of the motorcycle and Van/Trailer storage in their yard, we have had to look elsewhere for support. A major nationwide firm is at this moment, trying from Bellingham to convince franchisee along our walk route, to allow secure storage of the motorcycle and SAM, as well as parking for the Van/Trailer. Will have results by tomorrow, Wednesday.

Have decided, however, that success or no with our nationwide firm, SAM and ME are going to resume our walk on Thursday.

Our route has not changed...Federal Way via Pacific Highway to Tacoma; Highway 7 to Highway 507 to Centralia...then essentially via Highway 411 to Longview. Over the River into Kelso and back on Pacific Highway South to Vancouver (Washington)...over the 205 /freeway bridge spanning the Columbia River to Gresham, Oregon; pick up US 26 over Mt. Hood. On to Madras, then US 97 to Bend, Oregon.

It has been very nice to be home for a few days, where old and new friends have been wonderful, a chance to mow the lawn & spruce up things around the house. Am, however, very much looking to being on the road again.

We WILL make Key West, SAM & ME.

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