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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sun Also Shines In Bellingham

After sharing a bowl of Raisin Bran with Ron & Grandson Braden, drove the Van sans trailer from Federal Way up I-5 through Seattle to sunny Bellingham. Rush hour traffic was nice to me. Arrived around 10 am. First up was to get my hair cut...Boy, was I shaggy after a month on the road.

Checked in with my Battery Man, who tested our backup set of batteries (we carry a complete set of new fully charged batteries in the Van for SAM...just in case !)...all checked out as fully charged. Then visited Dave at Harley-Davidson to thank him for all he has done. Dave says H-D all across America are standing by for SAM & ME to arrive. What a Company !!! and with free coffee and cookies, too.

Then stopped in to see Jim, my Shoe Store Man. Bought a third pair of Brooks Walkers. Tested at least 10 different shoes (anyone need some nearly new size 12 walking shoes) before I settled on my Brooks. Started wearing pair # 2 today (pair # 1 was soggy).

Really goofed riding the motorcycle up from Vancouver...forgot my motorcycle boots (have 3 pair) and also forgot my rain gear. Arriving at Ron's, I was soaked thru and thru. My beautiful Brooks Walkers which have taken me over 500 miles were filled with water... far beyond "soggy".

Those 18-wheelers whizzing by 18 inches away at 60 miles per hour during 3 hours of downpour created tornadoes of spiraling stinging water coming at me from all directions, including up my pants legs and down my shirt...I must be really crazy. But what a high !!! Must be kinda like jumping out of a speeding jet at 20,000 feet in the midst of some hammerhead cumulonimbus clouds... or a simple smile from a pretty girl.

I know, I know; I gotta start acting like a 75 year old is supposed to. But, I'm ornery...I won't do that. Gonna squeeze every ounce of living there is remaining for me. I still wonder what I'm gonna do when I grow many choices...just so many choices.

Was going to go to my office to post new orders, pay a few bills & catch up on POGO. Instead, I cooled my heels all afternoon - and mowed & trimmed the lawn - waiting for Comcast (the Internet whizzies) to come fix our busted connection. Finally, got it going around 4:30 pm. By then, was no longer interested in the office.

Instead, I met my dear friends, Les and Lynn (Les & wife Lynn are both PHD professors retired from teaching at Western Washington University) at Fahri's Bistro...our many-years' Friday Night TGIF. Actually, I don't like TGIF. It smacks as the end of something. I'm a half-full guy and do not like endings. The trip is everything for me...arriving is just an excuse to start a new trip.

Gosh...I'm rambling. Well, I have been told, it is my blog and to simply write what comes off the tip of my fingers. Perhaps I should plug in my brain first ?? Criticism is always welcome and I do listen.

Have received a monumental come meet the Students of Whatcom County Juvenile Detention School. Replied with my acceptance by return e-mail. If "Teach" Suzanne is interested to have SAM & ME, I'm her guy. Too bad SAM is in Vancouver...Students might be very interested in my marvelous green machine walking companion.

So, I am delaying our walk to Bend for a day or two pending Suzanne's response. After all, our walk is not just about walking...equally important, our walk is about and you and you.

I have so very much to learn from you and will not knowingly turn anyone down (except Darnell's breakfast...sorry Darnell...have been punishing myself ever since).

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