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Thursday, May 6, 2010

On The Road Again

Rest period has gone all too quickly.

Completed administrative work at my office, cleaned up the mess left after emptying the warehouse, and loaded selected items into the van for vtm to Ron's tomorrow.

The motorcycle has been giving me fits. Developed a fuel leak last fall. Had it serviced no less than four times and it still weeps. Seems as though air is being sucked into the fuel line somehow causing one cylinder to load up on acceleration. Not a good condition. Chris, my mechanic worked on her all morning. She ran better, but not perfect. Could not detect any fuel leaks this afternoon, so loaded her into our new trailer. In the morning, will do some last minute office stuff, give the motorcycle a close inspection, and off we go.

U-haul has a storage unit waiting for the motorcycle in Longview.

SAM & ME will travel through Tacoma on Pacific Highway South (old 99), pick up Highway 7 South, connecting with Highway 507 to Centralia. Then South once again on Pacific Highway to Longview. Should take 5 - 6 days. Upon arrival, the motorcycle comes out of storage...SAM goes motorcycle back to Ron's, where it goes into the trailer. Then we drive vtm back to SAM and on to Madras, Oregon, where we will repeat the Longview leg scenario.

By the time we arrive at Key West, the van will have driven the 4,084 miles three times, the motorcycle one time and SAM & ME will have walked it once.

Sure sounds complicated. Just hope it rewards SAM & ME with a safer, more "do-able" walk.

Attached (I hope) is our "Business Card" developed by Son, Ron & his wife Leaanne. We have made it into decals which now adorn the trailer. SAM will carry one made into a banner.

Sorry, but blog will not accept the Card format. Will have Ron modify it tomorrow & try again.

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