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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Off We Go

SAMs axles arrived at noon in Portland. SAM has received her new axle and is performing better than ever. Tested the trailer. Both the Motorcycle and SAM fit nicely into the trailer together.

Tomorrow morning (Sunday), SAM & ME recommence our walk. We start in Vancouver, Washington; cross the I-205 Columbia River Bridge; transit Gresham; walk Hwy 26 up Mt. Hood to Mt Hood Village, a RV Resort 26 miles from downtown Gresham.

We may not make it all the way to the RV Resort, but will check it all out tomorrow morning with the Van to see how goes the terrain and road conditions.

We are planned for the best, but in respect for Mother Nature, we will do what She dictates.

I will sleep in the Van. Motorcycle and SAM will hang out in the trailer. Our new (used) AC/DC generator will top off SAMs batteries; provide power for our Teflon grill (oh, boy, Flapjacks and French Toast and poached eggs...Yummmmmmm). Also added a portable table and 2 folding chairs (taken from the yacht). Van has a scrumptous air mattress and king size down pillow, plus a duvet; should be comfy...and why not. Walking America does not mean I must suffer excessively.

Also, I now have room and accommodations for 1 or 2 others for a day or 2 to join us. We walk at 4 miles per hour and do so for 2 to 3 hours nonstop. May be a bit strenuous, but wow, what a high. Hope folks WIll join us.

SUNDAY; Post Script...Ralph is preparing Toast & Coffee; It is NOT raining - yet; SAM is loaded into trailer; In a few minutes, we are off to continue our odyssey.


Scott Mumford said...

Nice to see you're back on the road! And I love the picture--I hadn't pictured the safety vest in my head. Good idea!!

Anonymous said...

Bruce - I'm so glad you are on your way again. It seems like every time you turn around, something happens. Maybe you can get on a roll now. I know you are seeing some beautiful scenery. We are with you and praying for your safety and enjoyment of this trip. Sydne