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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

US 30, Oregon

Gave SAM a rest today.

My backpack has become so heavy as to create strain in my upper back...soooo, I mounted it on the tush-end of SAM...WOW...should have done that weeks ago. All of a sudden, the center of balance moved back of over the 20" rear wheels, creating an almost effortless forward motion. SAM's batteries should last much longer and I can now PUSH SAM up some pretty challenging hills without her motor at all.

Today, SAM & ME walked something like 35 - 40 miles...from St. Helens to Portland; across the St. John's Bridge...what a wonderfully beautiful bridge...then the length of St Johns (suburb of North Portland) to Delta Park at the foot of I-5 Bridge to Washington State. We checked into DAYS INN and am very pleased we did. Cost 2/3 of Best Western (Delta Air Miles program turned out to be false), and much better accommodations.

Leighann caught up with us on US 30 just before the St. Johns Bridge. Treated me to a super lunch and we chatted for 30 minutes or so. Nice lady...pleased to have you as my friend, Leighann. Just moments before meeting Leighann, one of Portland's Best stopped me. The usual question...Why...Where ???...and then handing me a large SNICKERS need this mor'n me....have a super walk...and so he accepted our (SAM & ME) business card and Viola...we have another follower

Because of the change in center of gravity, SAM did not run her motor at all today. I pushed all the way from St. Helens, including up some spectacular long (2 - 3 mile) hills. This ole' body is a wonder to behold...not a bit of strain and no huffing & puffing..just like 21 if I can just convince...never mind !!! The mind & body is willing & ready, but no-one it seems takes me serious. As I often for years tell myself...just make it to that corner up there, Brucie Baby...someone/something spectacular is waiting just around the bend...and so, I keep striving for that day - one day...

Tomorrow early am, SAM & ME walk the bike trail across the I-5 Bridge into Vancouver, Washington and on to Harley-Davidson. Should take a couple hours at most. Then motorcycle back to Federal Way. Plan to drive back to B'ham for a couple days to do paperwork for my Company. Then return to put the trailer back on and drive to Bend, Oregon (Son, Tom's home) to begin leg 3 of our saga. Route will be US 26 from Gresham to Madras (over Mt. Hood), then US 97 to Bend.

Please keep the contacts/comments coming...I really do treasure them.

A number of you have asked WHY? Why am I doing this walk. Tomorrow morning, before SAM & ME leave DAYS INN, I will post my reply.

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