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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blooded Toes & Sore Back

Today I did what I said I would not do...SAM & ME are all tucked into a motel for night.

We walked 27 miles today in 7 hours; i.e, 4 mph. Got bloody toes for my effort plus a very sore back from carrying the backpack all day. Motel is in Centralia, Washington with a view over a small lake not 50 feet from our room back door/window. Vehicles rush by on I-5 just beyond the lake.

But, getting ahead of myself.

Upon leaving Aaron's home yesterday about 10:30 am, SAM & ME walked 168th to Pacific Avenue - the Ave to the locals - and on to Highway 507 heading to Roy, McKenna, Yelm, Rainier, Tonino, and Centralia, a total distance of 50 miles.

The 507 is almost flat with 3 - 4 ft bike lane both sides. Speed limit is 50 miles per hour. Traffic is very heavy with big 18 wheelers blowing past 10 - 12 inches from my shoulder...I ignore them all and stay within our alloted narrow lane. SAM runs her motor all day, helping me along the 23 miles we walk to the City Park in Rainier. Jenn, a pretty lithe 30 something with flowing blond hair reaching below her hips, stops us while walking the 14 mile long bike path beginning in Yelm. ...You can put your tent up in the Rainier City Park...and so, we do just that.

Police come by two times, but do not stop. I have a comfynight after a not so spectacular day of walking.

I am having a terrible time trying to type on this itsybitsy computer. Will post it as is and try again in the morning. Guess I over did today @ 27 miles...

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kbrown said...

Best wishes on your trek!
We were in Bellingham the day you started, Les and L and E told us all about your journey. We were very surprised to hear about it. Finding your blog an interesting read. Will check in periodically.
Pretty soon you will figure out how to take it easier, eh? :)
Ken from Alberta