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Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Logistics

Sunday afternoon in Bellingham and new logistics have zapped me in the head. How can I be so stupid not to have seen it before.

I have been moving Van/Trailer/Motorcycle/SAM around all backwards.

Change #1: Vehicles will move forward the distance SAM & ME can walk in a single day...not out 100 - 200 miles as before.

Change #2: Van/Trailer will be parked at SAM & ME destination (one day walk). When we arrive at the Van/Trailer, I no longer must erect "camp". We can put SAM in the Trailer for safe keeping. I can sleep in the van using a very comfy air mattress.

Change #3: I will procure a APU; aka generator. Since the Van/Trailer will be with SAM & ME every night, we can charge up SAM and have power for the computer. No more concerns about solar panels providing enuf electricity to keep SAM going. Her two battery packs will run for 12 hours total and we will limit a day's walk to 8 hours or so ( 20 - 30 miles depending on difficulty of walking terrain).

Change # 3: Upon SAM & ME arriving at Van/Trailer, SAM goes into the trailer; we drive back 30 minutes to pick up the motorcycle, which goes into the Trailer with SAM and all three return to former parking spot for the night.

In the morning, out goes SAM. Van/Trail/Motorcycle drive one day's walk. VAN/Trailer get parked. Out goes motorcycle. Ride Motorcycle back to SAM. SAM & ME walk to Van/Trailer.

Because of this logistical masterpiece of convoluted wizardry, We all three spend every night together. SAM & ME walk every step across America.

Change # 4: SAM is divested of ALL excessive baggage. She needs only what is required to support a single day's walk. Will keep the tent & camping gear just in case we get stranded before reaching the VAN/Trailer and must spend a night out.

Change # 5: A number of folks have indicated an interest to join SAM & ME on our walk. Up to now, I could not support another person. With this logistic change, I will have ample supplies for another (perhaps 2), including vehicle transportation in the event someone does not wish to walk all day. & perhaps visitors can bring along a favorite treat of theirs...which I would be ever-so-pleased to share.

Because of the generator, we can cook REAL 'bout bacon, eggs & flapjacks...smothered in Maple Syrup...WOW. Maybe even perked coffee. Because we have the Motorcycle, we can make side excursions to interesting places along the way and have ample time to make some meaningful video and photos. I carry two for a passenger.

I know it all sounds confusing. I would welcome critique and comments. I would also welcome company at any time along our walk.

Frankly, I'm quite excited about this change in my thinking. It has instantly made our walk a potential pleasurable outing.

For the record...not all the above are MY ideas. I listen to others and am pleased to say that the best ideas come from them.

Therefore, our next leg will NOT be Vancouver to Bend. Our next leg will be Vancouver to Gresham, a Portland suburb about 25 miles away. The leg after that will be half way to Government Camp on Mt. Hood...etc, etc.


DJan said...

I am a 67-year-old Bellinghamster following your progress on the blog here. I'm impressed with the new arrangements. I wanted to make a comment just to let you know I'm here, since comments are few and far between. I read every post. You are an inspiration.

Scott Mumford said...

Brilliant! Group Mind has spoken... It will be fascinating to see how this works out.