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Friday, May 28, 2010

Axle Arrives Saturday

UPS has confirmed that the Chariot axle(s) for SAM arrive tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. Should have SAM whole again by early afternoon. Plan to be walking again with SAM early Sunday morning.

Our route will be the From The Tire Store in Vancouver, Washington to the Bike Path over the I-205 Columbia River Bridge, through Gresham, Oregon; on Hwy 26 to the Mt. Hood RV Park about 20 miles outside Gresham. Could be a long day, especially if it continues the current steady downpour. SAM & ME will give it a shot.

Will be good to be walking again.

1 comment:

tk said...

You are an inspiration Bruce. Today we go to the Sea to Ski parade with our grandchild. It's raining, but as you well know that is typical Northwest weather. Hope you have a brilliant day !