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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The weather forecast was right on target. Last night a series of cold weather fronts rolled over us, bringing lightning, thunder, and pounding rain.

I lay in bed an extra 30 minutes this morning, making certain the fireworks were over.

Then walked north on Highway 9 for nearly one hour when I discovered I forgot my ID, $$, and credit cards. I returned to walked: 6 miles.

One of two residential streets in the village of Tintah, Minnasota, where we stayed overnight.

Decided to drive SPIA 19 miles north on Highway 9 to the village of Doran, Mn, where we parked SPIA. I then began walking BACK south toward the town of Campbell, about 12 miles distant.

Finally received a toot toot from this train.

The rains last night were as to have flooded many of the field farmers were rushing to get planted.

Highway 9 is an old narrow concrete roadway which has been widened by adding asphalt (macadam) over the top and a small berm. The concrete expansion joints have become so out of vertical position - one to the next - that it pounds poor SPIA to death. One of SPIA's side panels started to separate again today because of the pounding.

I intended to walk only 12 miles from Doran...the sky was heavy-laden with overcast reaching to the ground. In the far distance I could see shadows of the grain elevators in the town of Campbell.

Even though my left knee was again hurtful, I continued walking all the way to Campbell and a bit beyond before returning to SPIA.

All told, we walked an additional 20 miles...26 for the far.

The tiny village of Doran, where SPIA parked while I walked leg # 2.

The 26 miles covered so far, took us beyond Breckenridge, Minnesota and into North Dakota.

Stopped at the border WAL-MART to pick up some items; then, drove to Highway 81, to the small village of Dwight, where we once again parked SPIA while I walked an additional 12 miles north on Highway 81 to the town of Abercrombie, North Dakota.

Dwight main street.

Highway 81...the best surfaced roadway I have walked in the entire 2 months since leaving OBX, North Carolina.

Yesterday's blog mentioned crop rotation. Today I came upon a number of large fields already planted and sprouting Wheat. Wheat grows quickly, is harvested early, giving the farmers time to work the field before winter sets in...a great help not to have to wait till Spring as with the crops of Corn and Sugar Beets.

This tractor has 12 tires...three on each corner...quite necessary to work on rain soaked soil.

The equipment above is breaking up clods of soil and smoothing the surface with hundreds of small stiff wires "tilling" the soil.

A monument in the village of Dwight., N.D.

Arriving in Abercrombie, we found SPIA a spot next to the local bar...which turned out to a very fine restaurant. We checked in on Tuesday "Steak" night; choice of Rib Eye, Sirloin Tip, baked potato, salad bar, & toasted cheese bread...$10.95. It was excellent.

Abercrombie Fort Saloon, where we will stay the night.

While I have been typing, the Sun has set...the thick overcast must have opened up in the past few minutes, displaying a spectacular Sun set...and I am too late to get a pic.

In the morning, SPIA again remains parked as I walk north on Highway 81 toward the village of Christee. Reaching Highway 46, we will turn left (West) for about 40 miles before again heading north toward our old friend, US 52, which will take us into the city of Minot, N.D. where US 2 awaits to take us the rest of the way West across America to the Pacific Ocean.

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