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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

POST 635 & 636: 05/21 & 22/12; HARLEM - CHINOOK - HAVRE

Sunrise in Harlem, Montana.

Walked BACK toward Dodson, picking up the "driven" miles of the previous evening. Then, walked West on US 2 for 12 miles toward the town of Chinook, Montana.

Returning to SPIA, drove to Chinook - 21 miles distant, where we parked for the night (last night).

This morning, left SPIA in Chinook while I walked US 2 for 12 miles toward the large town of Havre, where we are once again parked in WAL-MART for the night.

Arriving in Havre, left SPIA at WAL-MART, and walked BACK tto and beyond Havre - getting a hair cut on the way..and picking up two rubber soles from a shoemaker -to cover the 10 miles driven.

SPIA's parking spot in Harlem, Montana.

We are beginning to see mountains in the distance. These are to the South and I believe are the Bear Paw Mountains...historically connected with Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce Indian Tribe.

Coming across more water-filled irrigation canals as we walk further West.

Got sprayed once again...seems the solution being used is WEED KILLER. My eyes have been burning and the skin under my eye socket has sagged and is water filled...keeping a close watch.

Contrails of two jets crossing overhead.

Chief Joseph is historically revered even today; i.e., Chief Joseph Dam..

400 miles to go to the Idaho border.

Nearing the town of Havre, Montana.

We are in the hills again.

...and the mosquitoes and no-see-ems are out in force.

Walking BACK from WAL-MART, looking down into the town of Havre, Montana.

Thanks to Ron of FINEST BOOT REPAIR for gifting two rubber soles from discarded shoes. I will use these soles to fashion new toe tips for my walking shoes...which keep wearing out from being cut away by the sharp small stones of the asphalt as I push off.

The wind has again picked up with a vengeance. Had to fight my way back to Havre and SPIA at the end of my second walk of the day.

In the morning, will leave SPIA once again at WAL-MART as I walk West on US 2 toward the town of Gildford, some 25 miles distant.

I am told the wind will become even more severe as we close in on the Rocky Mountains, which we should reach within the next week.

Stopped in at AT&T and VERIZON today. Both informed me that US 2 has very LITTLE service, especially near Glacier National Park, approaching the Idaho border, and crossing the Grand Coulee (Dam) Columbia Basin in the state of Washington. We can expect a number of days without any blog updates as we continue West.

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