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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Please say HELLO to Les.

Last evening, Les was in the Tro Bar as I was chatting with Jay and his customers about my walk. Later, Les looked up SAM & ME on Facebook, liked what he saw, and this morning, tracked down SPIA and I before we left Enderlin.

Les works for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, and gifted me a new orange reflective vest worn by the RR folks...thank you, Les.

Hope you like your pic...great image to begin today's update.

Maple River flowing through Enderlin, North Dakota.

One of Les' railroad trains passing beneath the Highway 46 bridge.

Leaving SPIA parked, at daylight, I began walking on Highway 46...first East for 3 hours...then West for another 4 hours before returning to SPIA covering about 24.5 miles.

We then stopped in at Trio Bar, said thank you and goodbye before driving West on Hwy 46...then North on Highway 31, stopping at the tiny village of Kathryn for the night.

As it gets dark only about 8:00 pm, I walked for another 3 hours - visiting with Doug Sorenson for 1/2 hour of, walked about 35 miles today.

One of many small reed filled lakes bordering Highway 46.

Wish I had taken a moment to approach these horses...they all walked over to the fence next to me walking. I did see the black colt, but did NOT see the white very young colt which I later saw as we drove SPIA to Kathryn.

Down town Enderlin.

Click click to read some history of the founding of Kathryn.

Main street, Kathryn, North Dakota.

Every single building, save one, is empty. The occupied building is the local tavern owned and operated by a young lady, Mandy, who says business is great.

The old Bank, Kathryn, N.D.

Please say HELLO to these two gentlemen I found examining the old bank building.

Two life-long residents of Kathryn, they told me about the Northern Pacific Railroad which stopped at Kathryn for many years.

Today, even the railroad tracks are gone.

40 residents live in Kathryn.

The grain elevator, which has been busy shuttling 18-wheelers in and out all the time we have been in Kathryn...about 5 hours.

This is the old Northern Pacific Railroad right-of-way. I stood here looking at this a teenager, the Northern Pacific Railroad also served my town of Kennewick, Washington, where on September 15, 2012, we will celebrate our 60Th High School Graduation Reunion.

It is to attend this reunion that I am pushing myself to walk to Bellingham by July 15...I intend to walk to our reunion, which is nearly 300 miles across the State of Washington.

This is Highway 31...a "By-way" scenic North Dakota route. One of the better quality roadways I have walked...that hill is MUCH steeper than it appears...also steep down the back side.

The other side, looking into the next valley in which flows the Sheyenne River.

...which is imaged above. The Sheyenne River has been flooding the past few years, doing considerable erosion damage along the banks.

This picturesque home sits directly on the eroded bank of the Sheyenne River. does this magnificent tree.

...all of which belongs to:

Please say HELLO to Doug Sorenson.

Doug hailed me as I walked past his property. His house has been recently flooded, needing considerable cleaning and finishing...the inside walls are pulled off; but, the house structure is natural - cut stone, fitted together in high craftsman manner. Doug has a challenge ahead, but he and his Brother own and operate a construction company, so have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done.

Please say HELLO to Abby, Doug's friendly - and overweight - dog...

Abby I hit it off right away...I do believe he would have come along with me if it were not for the handy cool waters of the Sheyenne River in he took a swim as we were watching from the dike Doug recently built between the river and his house...about 15 feet away and 20 feet above the water.

In the morning we will drive to the town of Valley City, about 16 miles north, where we will park SPIA while I walk BACK on Highway 31 to pick up the 7 or so miles I was too tired to complete this afternoon.

From Valley City, I will walk West on an unnamed highway which parallels I-94, which will bring us to US 52, our roadway to Minot.

I have discovered the problem with my left knee. I have a torn cartilage which catches from time to time between the lower leg and thigh bones, causing some considerable pain. I have been babying the injury for nearly 2 weeks, finding that if I take it very easy for the first 30 minutes of each leg, the cartilage somehow gets pushed aside, allowing me to walk normally and at full speed.

At some early time, I must have another arthroscopic operation of the left knee to cut away the offending cartilage tissue.

In the mean time, our mission continues.

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