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Monday, May 7, 2012


Tappen, North Dakota is a small village with one business open...the gas station...with a couple shelves for convenience items and a PIZZA cooking oven...and nice folks running it.

We had a comfortable - but very windy - night parked up close to the building for protection.

This morning, SPIA stayed parked at the station while I walked BACK the 5 miles needed to complete yesterday's drive...then walked another 18 miles West on I-94.

The wind was steady about 40 mph with VERY strong(er) gusts. Returning to SPIA after the 5-mile stint, I had to put on a heavy sweater and change to the sheepskin was COLD with that strong wind. It rained intermittently the entire walk.

I am somewhat concerned for Gary, as he has not caught up with me...he must be having a terrible time peddling against that gale-force wind.

Walking the freeway is about as boring as anything I can think of. It is great from the standpoint of safety and convenience, allowing quick walking, but, NOTHING TO SEE...NOTHING TO PHOTOGRAPH.

So, We drove to the village of Sterling, North Dakota, which has the "old" Highway 10 running parallel to I-94 to and beyond Bismark, about 20 miles West of Sterling.

Arriving at Sterling about 2:00 pm, decided to take a nap as the battle against the wind took the starch out of me...slept instantly, waking three hours later.

We have parked at a Truck Stop, where we will spend the night. I even took the opportunity to take a second real shower since leaving OBX March 01.

In the morning, will leave SPIA parked while I walk BACK on I-94 for 10 miles - which we drove today to reach Sterling -; then, walking West on "old" Highway 10 toward Bismark.

Is forecast for lighter winds in the morning and the next three days, with temperatures reaching into the high 60's and 70's.

Should make walking much more comfy...and hopefully, some interesting subjects for the camera.

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