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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It is now Thursday, 05/17/12. These images were taken yesterday, 05/16/12, but did not have VERIZON connection to upload until now.

"Now" finds us in the village of Glasgow, Montana, which will have it's own update later tonight.

Sunrise in the village of Wolf Point, Montana

This one of two dogs which tried desperately to "adopt" me. This fellow followed me nearly 10 miles, crawling on his belly clear to my shoes, begging to be accepted.

He actually was a beautiful dog...similar to one I nearly brought along two years ago. Decided it would be unfair to subject a dog to the stresses I was about to face...

From Circle, we drove to the village of Nashua, Montana, where SPIA once again parked while I continued walking.

The Old 'Town Grill, image above, treated me to a delicious breakfast.

We are in an Indian Reservation. Casinos are found on every street and in many businesses.

Finally, we have reached US 2...a two lane coast to coast highway, ending near my Bellingham, Washington home.

590 miles to Idaho.

Should reach the Idaho border about June 10.

...and finally, my first snake. Nearly stepped on the critter; but no matter, he was already dead, having his head crushed by a passing, it is not a rattle rattles !

I am not certain, but believe this snake to be a non-venomous "constrictor" Bull Snake, which is deadly to rattle snakes.

Another "road kill". This is a male pheasant.

As a young teenager, I had success hunting this bird from my bicycle...carrying my "loaded" 4-10 shotgun and an alarm clock.

The alarm clock was to make sure I quit hunting at the legal moment.

Of course, a loaded gun was not allowed in a moving vehicle. I chose to treat my bike as being "other than a vehicle". Got off lucky not being caught.

A lonely fence post.

Please say HELLO to Suzie Dean.

Suzie stopped in the middle of US 2 - holding up traffic - to give me a bottle of ice cold water.

Being a "walker", Suzie said she knew I needed water...and I did; my water bottle was empty.

Click click to enlarge.

Please say HELLO to Kurt (l.) and his father, John.

We had a lively conversation in the Nashua restaurant...that is until John realized it was way past closing time, but the owner and waitress said nothing of our discourtesy.

Not certain this is a suitable image of myself, but since John said it was pretty OK, decided to go ahead and upload it. Looks like my face is getting plenty of Sun.

* * * * *

We still have no VERIZON signal powerful enough to upload images.

This morning, walked South on Highway 13 from Wolf Point, leaving at 4:30 am and returning at 9:30 am, gaining 18 miles.

Later, leaving SPIA parked in Wolf Point, walked West on US Highway 2 for 7 hours, walking 28 more miles...a total of 46 for the intense heat.

Have some nice photographs today...will have to wait for better VERIZON signal to upload them.

We have moved SPIA to the small village of Nashua, Montana, where we are spending the night. In the morning, will walk West on US 2 toward the larger town of Glasgow, only 12 miles distant...but will add the 5 miles shorted on today's walk from Wolf Point to Nashua.

We also have NO AT&T signal at all, so my cell phone is useless up here in Northern Montana.
AT&T assured me there was service...

94 miles in the last two days...yes, I am a bit weary as it was over 90 F today, and inside SPIA is is sweltering at 8:41 pm...hope I can get some sleep in the heat.

I know I am pushing my body in the increasing heat. This is intentional !

Could not purchase my heart medication in North Dakota - too much illicit prescription drug traffic, so the State will not allow WAL-MART to offer prescriptions...and I have only enough for another two weeks...hope I can find some soon, or things could become interesting.

Towns up here on US 2 are few and far apart. Many shown on the map no longer exist, or are essentially closed down with no businesses available.

The next 600 miles are going to be very interesting indeed. Idaho is 600 miles walking West on US 2.

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