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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Please say HELLO to Officer Angie.

No, that is NOT Angie. Angie cannot be seen because she is holding the camera taking MY picture with HER car.

Angie declined my invitation to include her photograph, but she was kind enough to stop along I-94 to check me be sure I was OK and not in need of a ride or something.

Thank you, Angie.

North Dakota certainly does have good looking Sheriffs.

After another peaceful night...this time at the Sterling, North Dakota truck stop, walked West on County Road 10 for 2.5 hours...then returned to SPIA via I-94, totaling about 19 miles.

This gaggle of beef cattle took an interest in me...probably because of my all-yellow outfit.

At least, if I get run over, it will not be by accident. By the way, those yellow covers on my shoes are laced-in heavy plastic, designed to keep rain and splash water from going down the tongue area, getting me feet wet.

Not enough rain to really test my design. Truthfully, hope they do not get tested.

In addition to the cattle, the only thing stirring in the fields this morning was this tractor being serviced by the fuel truck and the fertilizer truck.

Walked to and past McKenzie...then returned to McKenzie - a 4-block square village with NO services - before walking out to I-94 for my return walk to SPIA.

The wind let up to about 20 mph this morning, coming out of the North. It was still bitter cold.

A McKenzie village home.

Returning to SPIA, drove to the Rest Stop on I-94, where I again parked SPIA...then walked West on I-94 to Exit 159, about 9 miles, making our walking today about 37 miles...enough to pick up yesterday's 10 mile deficit and still take us beyond Bismark.

If you click click this image, one will find a Canada Goose swimming center left of that stream.

First glimpse of Bismark from the East. Beyond that hill lies the Missouri River, which I drove across to reach the Truck Stop on the West side of town, where SPIA is parked for the night.

During my walk BACK to SPIA from Bismark, this view presented itself from atop one of the hills we are now encountering.

The next couple days are forecast to be less windy and a bit warmer - 60 - 70 F.

Must admit I am beginning to tire. I am struggling with the wind, and becoming a bit lethargic about what is going on around me. Also, developing pain in my Kidney the past week...hope it is transitory...I sure do not need a bodily problem.

In the meantime, will leave SPIA at the truck stop in the morning, and walk West on I-94. As already mentioned, we are in "hilly" country. Towns are become few and VERY far between. I may have difficulty finding a place to park SPIA along the Interstate.

We shall see.

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