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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Another day with insufficient VERIZON signal to upload images...will try during the night.

SPIA is parked in an Indian CASINO in the town of Wolf Point, Montana, on US Highway #2, where we plan to spend the night.

We spent last night in the small town of Circle, Montana in the Mini-Mall parking lot. Early this morning...nearly 1 hour before Sunrise, I walked South on Highway 200S BACK toward the village of Lindsay. Walked 8 hours, returning at 1:00 pm, having walked some 30 miles, giving us a credit of 7 miles to use this morning.

With this morning's 30 miles, we had a credit of 14 miles, which I used this afternoon, walking North from Circle on Highway 13 toward the town of Wolf Point - 53 miles distant.

Walked out 5 miles when I realized I was missing all my ID and $$. I immediately turned back to Circle, looking carefully along the roadway for my waterproof plastic ziplock bag containing my ID & $$ luck. Luck came when I reached SPIA, looked in the secret closet hiding place...and there it was. I simply forgot to put it in my pocket.

It now being 3:00 pm, was too late to start walking again, so drove North on Highway 13 to the whistle stop of Vita. Found a spot to park and walked another 10 miles, making a total for the day of 50 miles plus our 7 mile credit of yesterday.

In the morning, will walk BACK on Highway 13, crossing over the nearby Missouri River, trying to cover the 28 miles needed to reach Wolf Point...yes, it is complicated...a necessity when I must not only do the walking, but also the logistics.

Tomorrow afternoon, plan to start walking West on US 2.

Am very surprised there is no VERIZON signal in Wolf Point. It is a rather large city sitting directly on US 2. It is also an Indian Reservation, which could have something to do with it.

VERIZON came up...will quickly "Post" this narrative & try for images later.

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