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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Please say HELLO to Tanya.

We will meet Tanya again.

Abercrombie has a magnificent church.

I walked by this church early this morning on my way north on Highway 81.

6 hours later, I returned to Abercrombie, foot sore and weary...but exhilarated from walking on such a beautiful morning...just kept walking and walking...completing 23 miles before noon.

Abercrombie also has an historic fort. I did not, however, venture out to see it...sorry.

Highway 81 had recently been repaved. It is without question, the finest roadway I have walked since leaving OBX, North Carolina....true, not much berm, but traffic consisted of a vehicle - usually a car - every 5 minutes or so. I had the whole world to myself.

Interesting that North Dakota - at least in this South east part - is just as flat as the previous 1,000 miles.

I have also been informed that the land hereabouts is part of the ancient Ice Age Lake, Aggazi.

Looking closely (click click) one finds two Shetland ponies in the corral on the right.

Came upon a sign advertising this dance in three different places...all many miles apart.

Barn Dances must be a major event in North Dakota.

After returning to SPIA, we drove to the outskirts of the town of Kindred, North Dakota, where we found a secure parking spot for SPIA.

Leaving SPIA at Kindred Emplement, I walked West on Highway 46 for another 13 miles this afternoon.

By now, the sky has filled with towering cumulus clouds with black bottoms...certain to mature into Thunder Storms during the night or early tomorrow.

Tried to start up a conversation with this rooster, but he was not interested in me.

Another of the many creative mail boxes on America's By-ways.

Please say HELLO to Jay...a.k.a.: J.R.

Jay owns and operates the TRIO BAR in the town of Enderlin, North Dakota, where SPIA has slipped into a tiny spot just outside the back door, where we will stay for the night and most of tomorrow.

Jay is "another" kind of guy...emphasis on "kind". His tavern also serves food and has been nearly full from the time we arrived a couple hours ago...before Jay offered me a delicious fish sandwich, two beers to wash it down, and two CASES of beer for SPIA, which should get us well into Montana; you see, beer / wine is not available on the open market...only in bars and official liquor stores - even WAL-MART has neither wine nor beer.

Tanya is Jay's right hand "guy"...forever trying to keep a straight face while Jay's antics go on.

Please say HELLO to Bret.

After I had completed this update, Bret came up to me...didn't I see you earlier today in Abercrombie...we were having lunch at the same time.

Yes, I was there...great to meet someone who has been with me before. Wish you well, Bret.

In the morning, I will leave SPIA parked at the Trio Tavern while I walk BACK east on Highway 46 for 12 make up the shortfall of today's walk.

Will then walk West on Highway 46 to the towards Little Yellowstone Park, where we will take Highway # 1 north toward a meeting with US 52...then on to Minot.

Am getting a bit concerned about "crime". Many people in North Dakota - and even a friend in Madrid, Spain via e-mail - have cautioned me about the rising crime rate in North Dakota because of the massive oil find in the western part of the State.

Thank you all for your concern for me. As I have often said, I have always been quite aware of the potential dangers along our walk...and, if I were to become fearful, I would be better sitting back home on my couch and never have taken the first step on this Odyssey.

Tomorrow is supposed to bring Thunder Storms...and rain through the week end. Might slow me down a bit, but if at all possible, I will walk.


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