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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Before Sunrise as I walked out of Hinsdale for the first leg of the day. Had to return to SPIA for my warm hoodie as the wind picked up after a few minutes, bringing chills penetrating through my two sweaters and Safety Reflective Vest.

The BNSF (Burlington Northern Sante Fe) Railroad trains pass each other at the above intersection...the East bound trains stop, waiting for the West bound trains to pass, freeing up the single track.

The Land Bridge (train full of containers) waiting for the West bound train to pass.

Hinsdale is in a broad valley with hills to the East, West, and North (do not know about the South as I did not get that far). The above canal is one of three filled to the brim with irrigation water. These three canals are the first free-running irrigation canals I have seen in all of Central Grand Prairie.

Ended up walking for 5.5 hours = 20 miles this morning.

Returning to Hinsdale, Sweed and Leona were waiting with hot coffee and caramel covered hot buns for me...what a pair. Will miss them both.

Leona says her buns are so light because she kneads the dough 100 times...lets it set for a few minutes...then kneads it another 100 times EXACTLY.

After visiting for an hour or so, said out goodbyes, and drove SPIA to the town of Malta, Montana, where SPIA is settled down in the Town Park, which provides numerous RV parking spots for the cost of $3.00 per night. Two of us are parked here so far tonight.

US 2 is at the park entrance, so leaving SPIA, I walked BACK East on US 2 for 4.5 hours = 16 miles, a total of 36 miles for today. It is 42 miles between Hinsdale and Malta, so in the morning, I must recover 6 more miles before I can proceed West toward the next town of Wagner, Montana.

Intend to pour on the miles in the next couple days. Weather promises to be good, and I wish to reach the town of Harve, Montana. I am nearly out of my heart medication, which I get from WAL-MART. Harve, some 70 miles distant, does have a WAL-MART.

I can physically see my blood pressure rise (forgot my pressure monitor) by looking at the blood vessels leading from my hand to my wrist. As the pressure rises - after 2 - 3 days (I know, I am supposed to take medication EVERY pushing the curve !) - the vessels enlarge MUST take medication immediately.

Please click click to enlarge this interesting bit of Indian Lore.

Sleeping Buffalo Rock. Colored bits of cloth and plastic have been left by local Native Americans at this...a most revered spot.

Please click click to read.

Walking this afternoon out from Malta, this farmer was spraying his field. Do not know what it was...possibly chemical fertilizer...; when I returned two hours later walking back to SPIA, he was still at it. As I passed by, the wind picked up, blowing the spray over the highway AND ME.

Received two or three good gulps before I realized what was happening. My mouth immediately got scratchy and dry, and my right lung got something inside. I immediately washed out my mouth and gargled a number of times using my bottle of drinking become more pronounced, so I popped a cough lozenge into my mouth, using the medicated saliva to repeatedly rinse my mouth and throat...until the lozenge was dissolved.

It is now 7:00 pm - 1.5 hours later, and I still feel the physical effects. Considered checking in at ER, but have decided to allow my high profile immune system (Lymphatic System) do the job it is designed for...we shall see !

Totally coincidental this image is next. Montana marks traffic fatalities by erecting the white cross at the scene of the accident. Three folks died at this spot.

US 2 looking West as I neared Malta on my return to SPIA.

Wind Vane over the "gated" entrance to a Ranch.

By the way, Chad explained to me the difference between a Ranch and a Farm (he has both):

A Ranch has cattle...

A Farm does NOT have cattle.

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