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Monday, May 2, 2011


I knew my day was a success when early this morning in BYLAS, ARIZONA, on the APACHE INDIAN RESERVATION, This little girl followed her Grandma and Dad into the Post Office.

I said...what a beautiful doll you I followed them into the Post Office.

She turned to me, took three steps forward and JUMPED into my arms, giving me a big hug. No words were spoken...I put her down and she walked away.

Please say HELLO to Akeeah, pictured here with her Grandma's approval.

Of all the moments of my walk, such an impromptu show of affection - thanks really for complementing her doll - from a little Apache Indian Girl...well no higher compliment could ever be handed to me.

Pre-dawn Sun highlighting the distant mountains behind BYLAS.

Rest Stop, built next to US 70 simply to welcome travellers and allow them to take a moment out...a thoughtful I have not seen repeated by a township anywhere.

SPIA, SAM A& ME parked here all night...quiet and peaceful...Thank You, BYLAS.

A Theatre In The Round next door to the Rest Stop...a beautiful amphitheatre-like miniature where imaginary dances are performed just by closing your eyes.

Sitting on a Rest Stop Bench was this young man. We chatted for a few minutes.

Please say HELLO to Edwin Moses, Apache Brave, living in BYLAS, ARIZONA.

Edwin was sitting on his bench...simply looking into space...what does an Apache Brave see in his future ?

Leaving the Apache Indian Reservation is this sign of thanks.

I want to say that I walked 1/3 of the Reservation and did not see a single area suitable for creating a field of corn, or any nearby water to water it.

Mountains...only mountains, sand, cactus, and more mountains.

1,000 yards beyond the above Good Bye sign is this hill. On the other side is White-Man's Land.

Over the top of the preceding Hill, is this sign "Geronimo". It is NOT on the Reservation.

In the next 500 feet are two large circular irrigation - the kind that make circles - watering the first flat land I have seen since leaving MESA (PHOENIX), ARIZONA.

So, begins the Gila River Valley...a lush green farmer's garden of crops for miles on end.

I wondered at the intent of those who chose the boundaries of the Apache Indian Reservation.

Distant mountains.

...are neighbors to more distant mountains.

And crop lands to the end of eye-sight.

This photograph is particularly interesting because of the several horizontal "strata" from foreground to backdrop mountains.

Most folks have heard of the Lions Club".

The founder of the Lions Club, Melvin Jones, was born in the tiny village of PIMA, ARIZONA, known nation-wide for it's cotton crops...providing seed for cotton farms far and wide.

A small - protected - grove of Mesquite Trees. Native to the area. A favorite of local cows for their shade and as food , especially the "seed pods"... and to farmers for the pleasant scent.

Please say HELLO to Maggie Rogers, Farmer and registered Nurse from PHOENIX. Working her Father's farm with her Husband "Mr. Rogers", Maggie is living her dream.

Maggie's favorite "Quad" Yamaha. She has two, but last week caught the other one on fire, bringing..."at least 5 years of upset" Mr. Rogers. It still runs, but needs lots of repair, says Maggie.

Maggie's fields...presently under Lease to a Cotton Grower.

A constant problem is need for water. The nearby Gila River has little enough. In Winter, it ALL goes to the Indians. The rest of the year, the farmers get the available water. Some have private water wells for supplementation, but recently an "authority" has installed metering devices on all water wells...and a permit is required to drill new wells.

Maggie's use of water canal and siphon to water her soon-to-be Cotton Field.

A neighboring "dirt" water canal.

Please say HELLO to Steve and his Daughter, Kylie from JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING. They are biking from SAN DIEGO to PORTLAND, MAINE...and are staying in motels - eating in restaurants ...and will hole up in SAFFORD, ARIZONA tonight, as will SPIA, SAM & ME.

We are in the Parking Lot of WalMart in SAFFRON, ARIZONA. All WalMarts welcome RV's to overnight...only recently, many "Town" authorities have prohibited the practice....tonight, we are fortunate.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 30 miles today.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 30 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.60 for the day.

I invite any readers/followers to consider to join me in my support of SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG, an organization which forwards ALL contributions received - holding ZERO $$ back - to the program of choice. In two weeks time, you receive an e-mail with photograph of the recipient and the use put your Sheri @ SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG if interested.

Knee Update: The right knee is NOT better. It is quite sore to the touch and must be used with exactness to avoid walking pain and/or further injury. Nevertheless, I am out here to walk...and as long as my body allows, I will continue to walk every nearly 4 months, I have walked EVERY day, except February 23, when I rested with my friends Dick and Shannon in WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA.

Tomorrow, I again walk US 70 South of SAFFORD towards I-10 at LORDSBURG in NEW MEXICO. We should cross into NEW MEXICO within 48 hours.

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