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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Between SAFFORD and DUNCAN, ARIZONA, lie this range of mountains and desert reaching nearly 5,000 feet high. US 70 climbs these hills and back down again to DUNCAN's 3,600 foot elevation.

According to all indications and admonitions, I am NOT to walk today.

So, at 6:00 am, visited WAL+MART pick up a Egg McMuffin, and drove South on US 70 the 12 miles I walked yesterday morning. Parked SPIA; put on the new Ace Bandages to immobilize my right knee cap...then overlaid the Knee Brace...and began walking South on US 70.

The first couple miles were flat, with the mountains rising on the left and ahead. Walked out 8 miles.

Moved SPIA to the new spot, park again, and continued walking UP the mountains and across the rolling plateau heading East towards DUNCAN and New Mexico. Returning to SPIA, I had walked an additional 10 miles.

Took Pain Pills as directed; the pain was tolerable and I put it out of my mind.

US 70 was an excellent road...was tempted to put SAM to work, but with the knee, decided it was not a good idea.

How can anyone not appreciate the beauty of this part of our Country?

Hills standing where they should not be...picture post-card excellence.

This scene was particularly just about perfect.

And, I walked by all this two time...once climbing up and once back down to SPIA.

At 4 miles per hour, I see things not possible at 60 mph.

Several times, I stopped and simply gazed about me...what fortunate I am here.

Please note the curved white line across the center of this photograph.

This white line is a Water Pipe for option to the concrete canal and siphon system...or the above ground sprinkler system.

I saw this same irrigation system in Oregon and Northern California. In the water rationed desert country, seems to be an efficient water saving alternative.

Walking out of DUNCAN, ARIZONA for my final 8 miles of the day, I came across a valley of green trees...trees that green just gotta mean water nearby.

And sure enough, there is a small river of water...later I was informed that it is the Gila River...the same one used by the Apache and the farmers in the Gila Valley.

Most interesting was to learn that the REAL River water flows UNDER GROUND through this valley. Seems unusual, but I have come across this "double river" system (one above ground...another deep under the ground, both following the same channel) the Rhine River flowing out of BASEL, SWITZERLAND North past ALSACE LORRAINE, FRANCE, is such a "double river" above under ground. I have visited both places often.

A "wash" flowing under the rail road bridge.

I also learned today that the Second Largest Copper Mine in the WORLD, lies just across this narrow valley. Twice a day, trains loaded with nearly pure copper ore travel down the tracks through I write this narrative, the evening train went past SPIA, not 200 feet away.

Lush fields border the Gila River...why not, with a second river close by - under the above ground Gila River.

These two cows probably have no idea how fortunate they are to browse in such rich pastureland.

Look at the right-hand white horn and one brown horn.

US 70, as it turns the last corner before entering DUNCAN, ARIZONA.

The DUNCAN Hotel.

Please say HELLO to Uncle wash club owner...a master carpenter, who built OL JO's, where Dan invited SPIA to park for the night.

Please say HELLO to Niece Katelynn, one of many of Dan's family who take shifts in his restaurant. Katelynn has the evening shift and whipped up a most delicious Mexican dinner for me.

Home Schooled, 16 year old Katelynn has worked for Uncle Dan for many years.

The Mirror Bar fixture standing behind Katelynn and Loretta, is well over 100 years.

It is well known around town as coming from a local BORDELLO and is the subject of many photographs.

Say Hello to Loretta, who did the cooking of Katelynn's dinner creation for me.

Uncle Dan takes a good pic.

Katelynn and me in front of the Bordello backdrop.

The Garden terrace of OL JO's...Karaoke is held here every the right is a bar Uncle Dan built---heck, Uncle Dan built the whole place and everything in it --- where I ate din din.

Uncle Dan's Place "OL JO's", on US 70 at the South end of DUNCAN, ARIZONA.

The door to Uncle Dan's.

Main Street - US 70 - , DUNCAN, ARIZONA.

DUNCAN City Park...on US 70.

Three local young men hanging out on the park table.

Please say HELLO to Bob and Sharin, residents of DUNCAN.

I parked SPIA in an empty lot in front of their home...because of the Washington State License Plate, they hailed me as I returned from my final walk of the day.

They are from NORTH BEND, WASHINGTON and wanted to have a chat.

Seems Bob loves it down here. Sharin, an Artist, cannot get out quick enough.

She said she might show up in the morning with her suitcase to become SPIA's Driver.

OH, My !

DAILY UPDATE: Against all advise, walked 28 miles today.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 28 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.56 for the day.

In the morning, Uncle Dan has invited me to breakfast - including a cup of coffee @ $0.05 a cup. Katelynn has already ordered up what I shall have...a surprise for me.

At Sun-up, will walk South on US 70 until I get pooped...then back for breakfast. Will then make my Goodbye's and drive SPIA South and continue our walk which might end up in LORDSBURG, NEW MEXICO, on I-10.

We shall see !!!

Made room for one more suitcase...just in case...

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, you are absolutely right. I've driven through this area a few times and I simply didn't see the details you are seeing at 4mph. Sure, we stopped to admire certain wonders but I believe that seeing it step by step, as you are, brings a whole new perspective to this lovely area. Actually, even in my home State of WA (we are practically neighbors) I haven't noticed the wonders that you have posted here. I've followed you for both journeys and I'm rooting for you. I hope you make it all the way this time and fulfill your dream. Thank you again for such a wonderful new perspective on this great land of ours. The pictures are a marvelous addition to the blog.
(a follower since day one but I can't remember how to log in so must apprently post as Anonymous)