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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Please say HELLO - again - to John, who is meeting US for the second time...this time on the Bridge over the Rio Grande River North of EL PASO, TEXAS. John is taking the long way round to a June family reunion in Minnesota...after a stop over in DALLAS.

The Rio Grande River looking South towards EL PASO, TEXAS, about 20 miles away. At this point, the Rio Grande has quite a lot of water in it. It is ALL taken out by the time the river heads South of EL PASO.

The Rio Grande River looking North towards LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, about 15 miles away.

Landscape of my view from the village of MESILLA, NEW MEXICO, where SPIA, SAM & ME spent the night.

From here, I walked South on Highway for 14 miles, meeting John on my way back to SPIA.

I moved SPIA to the village of VADO, NEW MEXICO, and walked into the outskirts of EL PASO at the town of ANTHONY, TEXAS.

Highway 28 runs North / South from LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO to EL PASO, TEXAS.

Much of the Northern half runs through miles of "nut" trees. I'm not certain if they are Almond or Pecan nuts...they are much larger trees that Craig's Almond trees in the San Joaquin Valley, so my guess is they are Pecan.

Highway 28 and endless orchards.

The orchards are maintained in pristine condition. Irrigation is the "flood everything" method.

An orchard being re-constituted...these are older trees, but have been cut back to re-start.

Do not know why...wonder why the white paint.

A home along Highway 28.

Plowed field looking South East from Highway 28...I-10 is about 2 miles towards those hills.

This photograph is about 15 miles North of EL PASO.

Entering ANTHONY, TEXAS, I checked in at the Visitors Center - it was open on Sunday, Mother's Day -

Found the TOYOTA Delership where we can have SPIA serviced tomorrow. Also located a reasonably priced ($10.00 per night) RV Park at the EL PASO Racetrack / Casino, close by the TOYOTO Dealership. Casino photograph is above.

On the way to the RV Park, spotted a "Camping World" and on a whim, stopped in. They, too, were open on Mother's Day and had in stock the replacement Cover for my Air Conditioner which I damaged in Oregon while driving under a tree with low branches. Finally, the Air Conditioner is back whole again.

Note-worthy: I had SPIA serviced in ABERDEEN, WASHINGTON nearly 4 months ago. SPIA has driven 3,000 miles since then, down the Pacific Coast and across the bottom of Western USA to EL PASO, TEXAS. Since I was "double walking" until PHOENIX, ARIZONA, I have actually walked ovser 4,000 miles to reach EL PASO.

Added to the walk to OKLAHOMA CITY beginning April 20, last year, I have, in one year, walked over 7,000 miles. Yes, I am weary...I am VERY lonely...I want to be snuggled in my bed, loving and being loved...but, here I am, about to begin my trek across the widest part of TEXAS...then 1,500 more miles on to Key West.

My Niece, Karen - Sister Carol's Daughter - lives near CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA. Karen's home is my next "destination".

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 24 miles for the day.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 24 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.48 for the day.

Will be at the TOYOTO Dealer at 7:00 am prompt in the morning to hopefully have SPIA serviced...then, start walking East on US 180 across TEXAS.

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