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Friday, May 27, 2011


Finally went to deep sleep at 4:00 am (Bellingham Time) - 6am local. Was awakened by many voices, lots of cars, and sunlight peering through SPIA's window. We were at the City Part...and as luck would have it, a once-yearly celebration was in progress all around us. Carefully moved SPIA out of the park into town, where the local Sheriff had his crew of leg-iron (no, they did NOT have leg irons) incarcerated folks were doing the Court House Lawn.

Nice stately old building, in the center of GATESVILLE, TEXAS.

Parked and walked BACK on US 84 for 1 hour to pick up the 5 miles we were short last evening trying to get settled before darkness closed in on not see so well in the dark anymore.

Then drove SPIA to the East of GATESVILLE, parked, and proceeded to walk for 4.5 hours out and back to SPIA. US 84 is still in rolling countryside. The hills are MUCH longer and not quite so steep as the past few days. 23 miles before noon is a bit much...and my feet were even MORE sore than last night.

Took a close look at my "new" shoes. The toe is completely worn through into the toe box...quite inferior to the previous 3 pair of the same shoe. Also, was trying new design socks purchased from Wal* $5.00 a dozen, seemed worth a try. They are a failure. Stitching is "loose" allowing the sock to go every-which-way, and much thinner. Altogether, both the shoe and new socks are not what I need to do this kind of extreme walking.

SO...back to my old shoes and socks. Must soak my feet in Epsom Salts before bed.

Found the trigger regarding how serious a dog is: if his tail wags - even a little bit - he is all bluff and invites conversation. All four of these guys were barking up a storm, but stopped when I approached them chatting away.

Nice old car. We had one similar on the Stump Ranch back in the 30's.

Please say HELLO to Erick. I asked him how to spell his name...he held out his left arm showing me his Tattoo E R I C K from wrist to elbow. Erick did a 180 to come back to talk with me. He insisted on my Blog and was understanding when I refused his offer of a ride.

This is the Second Home-Grown Garden...both found in Texas.

A Running Brook right out of Grimm Fairy Tales.

By the way, Cri's Cousin in France is named "Grimm".

A late planting of Corn. As I approached WACO, TEXAS later in the day, corn fields covered fields into the horizon...all close to harvest.

In the early morning I am fresh and eager to walk long distance. The 18 miles I covered this morning was on this section of US 84...difficult at best...a stiff head wind going out, but pushed me home, back to SPIA.

Mentioned before the "white" soil in this part of Texas. Here is a ditch showing that the white soil goes quite deep...must have a high percentage of a particular ingredient to be so white.

Notice the white patches on the left of US 84...Yes, I did walk to that far horizon and further again this morning - AND BACK !

Another section of the same US 84 I clambered over this morning.

Texans are BIG on flags...especially the Texas Flag flying next to the Stars and Stripes. One also sees many personal or corporate flags flying with these two.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 37 miles today. Did a final 16 miles late this afternoon after taking a nap from 1 - 2 pm - the hottest part of the day.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 37 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.74 for the day.

History Note: US 84, as it approaches WACO, TEXAS is named "GEORGE W. BUSH PARKWAY". GW lives in CRAWFORD, TEXAS, about 5 miles to the North of US 84.

Am parked in the Wal*Mart Parking Lot...actually it is SAM's...and they would not let me buy a roasted half chicken for my dinner...said I was a member of Wal-Mart, not SAMs. I said that sucks.

In the morning, will continue walking East on US 84. Next town up is MEXIA, TEXAS, 32 miles out.

We shall see how it goes.

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