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Saturday, May 14, 2011

DAY 117 & 118: US 180 NEW MEXICO

Sunrise from Rest Stop.

CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO from US 180 looking South West.

US 180 with CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO in distance...looking West.

Please say HELLO to SAM.

Sam performed as she always has...without a flaw...what a treat to drive her...she gets lots of HONK HONK from passing drivers.

SAM with her advertising hanging out - replica of our Business Card.

The Flag Pole also has a forward blinking / steady White Light; and a RED blinking / steady Tail Light.

On each front corner is an Amber blinking / steady Side Marker Light...

None used in Snake Country...we DO NOT walk at night out here.

Potash Plant. There are man y such "mines" along US 180...Also SALT Mines.

SAM standing in front of one of VERISON's Towers.

The "shut-In" folks will be pleased SAM & ME are again Walking & Rolling.

I goofed with DAY 117 Image update.

We did NOT go directly to CARLSBAD. We stopped for the night at a modern Rest Stop on US 180 in NEW MEXICO.

At daybreak, we drove to CARLSBAD and did take the motel room, did wash clothes, did TAKE THE ENTIRE DAY OFF...our 2nd DAY OFF since leaving the Peace Arch January 13; i.e., we have "rested": a whole two days in 4 months...please forgive me for my error(s).

Yesterday was DAY 118, not DAY 117.

Today will be DAY 119, which I am about to start...the Sun is rising and I can the snakes - so I don't step on them -...they come out at night, so I do NOT walk around at night, even to leave SPIA for a moment...really do not care for the critters.

Looks to be another clear HOT day. At the moment, tho, it is quite COLD, as is usually the case out here in the desert.

We walked in 4 sessions, totalling 35 miles for the day. Our next objective is HOBBS, NEW MEXICO, about 33 miles East on US 180. We should be there by this evening.

Hey, found some photographs of today...Say HELLO to SAM, please.

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