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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Please say HELLO to Wyl...a 19 year old from OLYMPIA, WaSHINGTON, walking / hitching to Florida, BRONX, AND UPSTATE NEW YORK to find his "lost" 18 year old Sister.

Walking early this morning on US 70 South, a distant voice kept calling "b r u c e "; after a few minutes, I stopped, listened and turned around to see Wyl's black clad figure walking quickly to catch up with me. I waited.

I recognized him as the fellow sleeping yesterday evening on the Park Bench in DUNCAN, ARIZONA.

We walked together for a few miles, when I turned back to DUNCAN to fetch SPIA...Wyl kept walking South on US was getting hot already in the early morning.

After a simple breakfast at Uncle Dan's - including a $0.05 cup of coffee, I drove SPIA South on US 70 to the earlier turn-around...about 10 miles out, I found Wyl lyng on the side of the road - quite immobile, with his thumb weakly stuck out for a ride. I stopped, got him inside SPIA, gave him an ice-cold litre bottle of water...he claimed dehydration...I agreed, but sensed something more.

After a second bottle of ice water and two power-bars, Wyl admitted to having not eaten for a while, had no money, and was on his way to Florida, New York City, and UP-State to find his little Sister. He asked for a ride to LORDSBURG, NEW MEXICO, where I was intending to reach this evening.

I agreed he could walk & ride with me to LOURDSBURG.

I drove SPIA to a parking spot. Whl and I walked out 14 miles...I doing most of the talking...He finally opened up a bit...had no $$...had no ID...would under NO circumstances enter TEXAS...and had a very short fuse but could take care of himself as witnessed by a number of folks ending up laid out from his kick-boxing prowess.

In LORDSBURG...without a word, I stopped, he got out of SPIA, and with a hand shake and half smile has been good to find a friend on the Wyl turned to walk away, I handed him a few 5 and 10 dollar bills and wished him safe journey and hoped he found his Sister. Wyl turned, and walked off down the street, not looking back.

US 70 is known as the Old West Highway - the old Stage Coach road to PHOENIX, ARIZONA.

US 70 as I walked South our of DUNCAN, ARIZONA.

First and ONLY private water reservoirs I saw since leaving the NAPA Valley Wine Growing District.

A curious but non-responsive Billy Goat.

The one and only Mercantile on US 70 from DUNCAN until reaching LORDSBURG, NEW MEXICO.

School Buses were picking up the kids.

Mountains of New Mexico, the "Enchanting State"

Us 70, looking back North into Arizona.

The "Copper Train" came rolling by.

This is what a $0.05 cup of coffee looks like.

Again, I meet with Steve and his Daughter, Kelsey

Steve's Daughter Kelsey...they were delayed until this morning in SAFFORD, ARIZONA (see earlier blog) because of her numerous flat tires.

They are now headed for LOURDSBURG for the night...then on I-10...then North and "East to PORTLAND, MAINE.

I stopped at the Border Patrol in LORDSBURG, asking about walking I-10 and/or walking Highway 6 along the Mexican Border to EL PASO. Was told Highway 6 should be just fine...but only a short 4-foot fence separated the USA and Mexico and that the Rio Grand River had NO water in it...easy for anyone to walk across and climb the fence.

Also, was told it was perfectly legal to walk I-10 Freeway all the way to EL PASO

So, I have opted to walk I-10...will hop SPIA from exit to exit and walk in between is about 150 miles to EL PASO.

DAILY REPORT: Walked 26 miles

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 26 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.52 for the day.

We are parked off an exit on I-10, about 5 miles East of LORDSBURG, NEW MEXICO. In the morning, will walk BACK to LORDSBURG and return...then drive SPIA to the next exit and begin our exit-hopping to EL PASO, TEXAS.

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