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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Please say HELLO to Jonathan Rangel and Elizabeth Hernandez, holding down the Electronic Department at Wal*Mart # 1249 in SAN ANGELO, TEXAS.

These two young folks took on my computer's problem; i.e., GOOGLE locked me out of my Blog, saying it was "full". Working together, Elizabeth instructing and Jonathan operating the key board, the two of them switched my Primary Search Engine Default away from Google to FIREFOX, setting all the Bookmarks and checking links, etc.

Jonathan was a bit hesitant, but Elizabeth knew exactly what she was doing...and presto, SAM & ME's Mini Computer is back up and running. In fact, the Firefox engine uploaded the pics 5 times faster than ever Google did.

Thank you both...I am indebted.

Starting out a bit late - about 5:30 am, 20 minutes after Sun rise, I walked South on US 87. Looking back at the small town of STERLING CITY, TEXAS, this is the view I received. Continued walking out and back to SPIA for 10 miles...a good start for a very tired Brucie Baby.

Walking back into town of STERLING, this booth was setting up for the Saturday crowd come to buy local produce and food.

BBQ is the theme of this booth...not quite ready for the Pulled Pork my mouth was watering for...but I took the opportunity to sit and chat with Scott for a few minutes until his wife arrived with a number of Roaster Ovens...

I asked Scott's Wife, Elizabeth if these Ovens were still being prepared at 4am this morning...No, I got to bed early...about 3, she said.

Please say HELLO to Scott and Elizabeth, who are supplementing their occupation with the fun of serving up delicious home-cooked BBQ for passing motorists.

Next booth over was offering a variety of locally produced vegetables. Manned by a local housewife who denied having anything to do with growing the produce...with a mention of the culture shock of moving to STERLING - population 200 something - from DALLAS, TEXAS...but was happy to help with the booth.

Please say HELLO to Betty, who lives just across the Golf Course from the Roadside Produce Stand on the East side of STERLING, TEXAS.

Adjoining this Golf Course is the City Park where SPIA, SAM & ME spent the night. The Sheriff did NOT come-a-call'n and let us rest in peace...Thank you.

An interesting colloquial word: DRAW. Most of the USA calls a shallow hollow where run-off water flows a Creek, or a Ravine, or perhaps a small river. In these parts, this part of nature is called a "DRAW". Each bridge over US 87 is assigned a name, such as "Bodcaw Draw".

We used to say...Lets go up this here draw (or ravine) and see if we can flush a covey or two of them thar quail...

US 87 looking South. We are in hilly country here-bouts, but it won't last long. Been flat as a Pancake for a couple weeks - ever since leaving CARLSBAD CAVERNS - and will get flat ag'in when we walk East out'a SAN ANGELO, TEXAS in the morn'n.

Got a hanker'n to take the Old Road back to SPIA. This is the "Old" road "tween SAN ANGELO and STERLING, TEXAS. Met a young couple and their wee 2 year old, but danged if I forgot to take their pic or even ask their names. They lived here-'bouts all their lives, draw'n water outa'their water well of 185 feet down - while Papa a couple miles on t'other side of US 87 has to go down 240 feet for his water.

Drat I didn't get their photograph...they were a "beautiful" family with whom I had a nice long chat. Darn Darn ! !

SPIA is parked on the outskirts of the really tiny village of Water Valley. The "Old" Road is behind SPIA 'bout 1,000 feet.

Two nights ago, this area (us included) were pounded and sparked by a 3 hour display of Lightning and Thunder...with, for us, a tiny bit of rain. Walking today South on US 87, I came across a number of "low" spots that still had water from that storm in them. This concrete drain and a lot more than a little bit of water...must have rained pretty hard here...even the highway Rumble Strips were FULL of standing water as I walked by...and that was from two days ago.

Heading back to SPIA, the heat climbed well over 100 degrees. Much as I hate to see the scarce precious water around here sprayed into the air where much of it evaporates before hitting the ground, I stood under this deluge of sprinkler water for three or four minutes until I was thoroughly soaked from head to foot...Oh, My...refreshing is only the fore-word.

Yesterday I mentioned something about the "scrub" trees along US 87. Well, today I learned that those short scrub trees are the taunted and much desired MESQUITE. Back in Gila River Valley a few weeks ago, Betty said her cows just loved her Mesquite Trees. Here we see a cow eating the leaves right off the Mesquite Tree.

To keep Cows - and other hoffed animals - from leaving (or entering) forbidden territory, one often sees COW CATCHERS.

Above photograph - and the one below - are of a Cow Catcher. The cow knows if she steps on that "catcher", her foot will slip between the bars and she will be trapped...probably with a broken leg.

Now everyone has been told, so be very careful walking barefoot across Cow Catchers.

Some Cow Catchers have a deep space under them...when I cross one, I look very carefully for that possible Rattle Snake lurking below.

This is just a shy Horse. Hi Horse !

This is the ONLY private vegetable garden I have seen in all of Texas...a small patch of Corn growing in the residence's yard.

Passed many unique and interesting entrances to are a couple:

Notice the ultra-home on top of the hill in the back ground.

A large number of homes like this Rambler...more as we get close to SAN ANGELO, TEXAS.

In addition to interesting entrances, most of the wealthier ones have elaborate "designer" figures decorating their gates.

A well-used home...full of memories and lost dreams.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 38 miles today.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 38 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.76 for the day.

Drove SPIA to the local Wal*Mart, where we will spend the night in SAN ANGELO, TEXAS. In the morning, will restock the Fridge, refill the Propane tank, and fill SPIA's fuel tank.

Then walk East on US 67 until reaching US 84, which we will follow until reaching NATCHEZ on the Mississippi River.

All in All, a nice day.

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Anonymous said...

Is anybody other than me wondering why Bruce has not posted since Saturday? Three days seems like a long time to be missing in action.