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Friday, May 20, 2011


Mother Nature put on quite a show last night. About midnight, the first of a four-hour lightning and thunder show happened, showering SPIA with a few rain drops...the first this region has had since last July. One person said about 3/10th inch fell...not much, but perhaps a start of something bigger.

I started walking at daylight; i.e., 5am PDT (7:00 am CDT). I left SPIA parked in the RV space while I walked South of US 87 for two hours and back...a total of 16 miles.

I really did not feel like walking...that past three nights produced very little sleep, and I am worn out physically and emotionally. Tonight, we are parked in the small town of STERLING, TEXAS, next to the city park. Just hope the Sheriff doesn't throw us out.

Of my entire walk from the Peace Arch, this was the most uneventful stretch of road yet. The above photograph was interesting in that the gas pumps are left turned OFF until the gas is prepaid. Station asking $4.41 per gallon 87 Octane.

Later in the day, I purchased gas at the Shell Station for $3.79 per gallon.

That was the most exciting thing I could find to photograph all day.

A view of the town of BIG SPRING, TEXAS, looking North from US 87.

There was a well maintained Cemetery along US 87. This is the Chapel. Hundreds of flowers decorated grave sites.

The overcast clouds left over at daybreak were nearly gone by 9:00 am. By noon, the sky was totally void of any clouds. The temperature rose to about 95 F. The wind kicked up to about 30 mph out of the North West and has remained constant all day.

US 87 in early afternoon.

Note the long roadway before the gate. This space is for 18-wheelers to pull through the gate and park without getting onto US 87...then the driver walks back to close the gate and drive onto US 87. All ranch entrance roads had this feature.

The side of US 87 is heavily forested with small trees. Cattle could be seen idling along through the trees.

US 87 is passing through hilly country. On the ridge tops are hundreds of power generating windmills...with a dozens of oil well pumps mixed in. I saw three new oil wells being drilled as I walked South on US 87.

This is the City Park in STERLING, TEXAS, a 4-block long town using US 87 as Main Street. SPIA is parked from where I stand to take this photograph.

Earlier this afternoon, the local Sheriff stopped me out on US 87...just to check that I was OK. He seemed a nice fellow, so I hope he will allow us to stay here overnight. I am extremely tired after walking the 42 miles today. I did not intend to do that, but I just kept hoofing it rather than sit beside the road. Around noon, I did take a 30-minute nap.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 42 miles today.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 42 miles "@ $0.02 per mile = $0.84 for the day.

The next town is SAN ANGELO, TEXAS, 43 miles South on US 87. I will try to get good sleep / rest tonight and see what tomorrow brings. There has been NO return of Kidney pain...and my Heart is doing just fine. My legs are kinda tired, and my brain is a bit muddled.

For dinner, I went next door to SPIA and bought a LARGE BLIZZARD and a Medium Chicken Nuggets

Locally, it is 8:00 pm and still broad daylight. I am going to turn in anyway.

Nite Nite.

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