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Friday, May 13, 2011


Two days ago - May 11, 2011, we shared a Rest Stop with Allan and Audrey, the Walk For Cancer retired Police Officers. Before sunrise, the Eastern sky showed promise for another sunny hot day.

SPIA had a good spot for the night, protected a bit from the fierce winds that nearly blew away the tent of our walker friends.

The Sunrise was nice...I particularly was impressed by the reflection on the cement picnic table and benches. of the Rest Area.

As the Sun rose over the Guadalupe Mountains (we will climb those mountains later today), the adjacent mountains were radiant in reflected light.

Allan was cooking up breakfast as I started East on my first walk of the day...returned 4 hours and 16 miles later...Allan and Audrey were gone.

The Rest Area as I returned from my 4 hour walk...SPIA is hiding in the trees.

US 180 is the same every day...long road to and beyond the horizon...and short dips and turns up close.

The road to Guadalupe Mountains...about 20 miles in the far distance.

...and desert on both sides of US 180...unending desert to the horizons.

Because of the long distances to the next gas station from EL PASO, I took a 30 mile detour to get gas at the small town of DELL CITY, TEXAS. Although quite close to the New Mexico border with Texas, the only road (on the map) is from US 180. SPIA did fill up her tank and I ordered a bowl of Chili - so spicy hot, I could not eat it. Another diner customer, approached my table and introduced himself as Andrew.

Please say HELLO to Andrew, Editor of the DELL CITY newspaper. Yes, Andrew did ask for an interview...we chatted for a half hour or so. So happened Andrew lives 20 miles out in the desert in a Motor Home exactly like SPIA...

DELL CITY Water Tower. I later learned from the local Sheriff that DELL CITY has the good fortune to sit on top of an extremely large underground water much so that EL PASO is said to be negotiating to purchase water from DELL CITY.


DELL CITY Bar (It didn't appear to be open).

Dell Valley is lush and green from various crops, particularly Alfalfa. With so much water under their feet, it is not surprising to see many Deep Well Water Pumps and "soaking" method of irrigation. The above photograph is typical of the way water is given to the fields...

The water coming out of that pipe flooding the field was so pure looking, I was tempted to take a drink.

With the abundance of Alfalfa in DELL Valley, a thriving business is in DELL CITY, Chaffhaye, producing "Pasture-in-a-Bag. Instead of shipping "bales", this company ships "bags" of Alfalfa to consumers all over the country.

Please say HELLO to Kimber, Director Sales and Marketing of Chaffhaye. Kimber and I have some identical previous business - wholesale packaging -. She was lots smarter than me. After 3 or 4 years, Kimber sold her business for a healthy sum; whereas, I held on to my Company for 30 years before disolving it at NO value.

Please say Hello to LARRY EDWARD MORRELL, straw Boss of the factory operations...allowed me to visit inside the factory (which was temporarily shut down for maintenance).

Leaving DELL CITY, I drove SPIA back to US 180, parked and walked an additional 14 miles.

Then drove to SALT FLAT, TEXAS, where SPIA was tucked in behind the local Cafe out of the wind for the night.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 30 miles

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 30 miles @ $0.02 for $0.60 for the day.

In the morning, will walk to and UP the Guadalupe Mountains. On top is a US National Park. The climb to get there is supposed to be one of the steepest anywhere...producing smoking brakes from 18-wheelers coming down the 3-mile hill.

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