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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Reluctant to roll out of bed, was greeted by Ole' SOL again siloueting the Eastern Horizon...this time from the Wal+Mart Parking Lot in SAFFORD, AIRZONA.

It was only 5:15 am and already daylight enough to walk...if only walking was possible with the increasing pain in my right knee cap.

OH, Well...a double ration of Hot Oatmeal, Brown Sugar and Raisins washed down with hot chocolate.

This morning, I had a new device...a knee brace which I purchased from Wal+Mart last night.

A liberal coating of Tiger Balm - purchased in China a few years ago - and off I go South on US 70.

Full daylight as I walked out of SAFFORD.

Of all things, Church Bells starting ringing, calling in 7:00 am as I walked past LA QUINTA. Beautiful sounding bells too...but no, not a church...a most unusual Motel near the Southern Edge of town.

Yesterday we discussed Mesquite Trees and the pleasant aroma - in addition to being a favorite of cows for shade and food -

And behold, The Copper Steer Steakhouse, featuring "Open Pit Mesquite Grill".

Nearly all the local fields are planted in Cotton. Some fields already have 1-2 inch shoots sticking their heads out of the ground.

Siphon is the preferred irrigation method.

The water canals are fed from deep-water wells, which gush volumes of water into concrete lined canals from which the rubber/plastic tubes siphon the water onto the fields.

Most concrete canals lining US 70 are falling rebar or reinforcement was used in the cement construction, leaving shattered shells where water finds it own way to leak out.

There are a number of RV Parks in SAFFORD and along US 70 South. This RV Park is exceptionally well appointed.

If Wal+Mart were not available at no cost, I might be tempted to stay at this park tonight.

TONIGHT:::Yes, I must stay a second - and perhaps a third - night in SAFFORD.

Walked for 12 miles this morning...tried to hitch a ride back to SPIA, but no luck, so was hobbling by the time I reached SPIA. I drove directly to the Hospital and checked myself into EMERGENCY.

Spent the rest of the morning in Room #1 in the EMERGENCY Ward, with a series of staff people trouping in to see the Crazy Old Man walking ...WHERE?

X-Rays were taken as ordered by Surgeons Tracy and Marvin (first names only, please).

Waited seemed like hours for an analysis...ALL NEGATIVE...which means no bone fracture of the knee cap...just severely strained Tendon attached to the top first quadrant of the knee cap.

Half a dozen staff came in with their Blackberry or IPod, pulling up SAM & ME...just to prove I was telling the truth.

Dr. Marvin issued a prescription for NAPROXEN - giving me a second bottle for use down the road...opinion...take two pills a day for the pain and for the next few days cut WAY BACK on miles walked...but keep walking...the entire staff will be following.

I crawled out of the Hospital as my knee had now taken a "set" lying in that bed...even dozed off a couple times...but could hardly bend my knee.

Took the rest of the day off parked back in Wal+Mart Parking Lot, where we are now parked for our second night.

In the morning, we shall see...however, I am not confident that I will walk until late in the day, if at all.

We have nearly 2,500 miles to go...much of it isolated desolate desert...would not do to rush back onto the road and not allow some healing. I will walk some each day, but selectively and for short distances for a week or so.

The Open Road of US 70, as I limped along the 12 miles this morning.

DAILY REPORT: Hobbled 12 miles this morning.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 12 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.24 for the day.

Bought a soft standard pillow at Wal+Mart this afternoon. Used it while taking a "test nap". Sliding it between my legs so my knees rest on it, it gives wonderful comfort to the injured knee...might just adopt that pillow for all-time sleeping.

There was a time that soft thighs did about the same, but so long ago, seems like I must have read that somewhere.

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