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Monday, April 7, 2014


Up this morning before the Rooster Crowed. drove South on US 60 a few miles, parked and walked 16 miles.  Was only a couple miles from the city of SURPRISE, a bedroom community - one of a half dozen or so - of the Mega-City PHOENIX, Arizona...the fsastest growing city in the United States.

Not my favorite adventure to walk in big towns, chose to drive some 60 miles completely across Phoenix, following US 60 into the Rocky Mountains to the delightful mining town of SUPERIOR, Arizona.

Spanning a narrow deep canyon on the Route of US 60, I walked to and beyond the bridge imaged above.

Please say HELLO to JAMES FORISECO,Manager of the ALCO STORE, where James granted me a 25% discount on a new pair of walking shores.

Thank you, far, so good.

The black spot on the highway berm is an ugly BURN mark...from a vehicle which caught fire.  This black mark is found on every American roadway.  I have actually seen three such fires...hoping never to experience one with SPIA-2 - which does in fact have a smelly engine oil leak.

The name of the town where I have continued to walk...and where I will stay the night.

LOS HERMANOS Restaurant, where this Blog update is coming to life...and where SPIA-2 is parked for the night.

US 60 about ready to climb some serious Rocky Mountain Hills.

At the edge of the town of SUPERIOR, the climb begins.  I walked the 3 miles to the Tunnel - and back - this afternoon.  The roadway is excellent for walking; but. very steep and MUCH more crowded with traffic than three years ago, when I last visited this part of America.

PIGGY BACK New Trucks on the way to market.

Top center is our bridge spanning the canyon.

The bridge has been reached.

The bridge flexes quite a bit when 18-wheelers cross it.

Most mountain highways have a TRUCK RUNAWAY RUNOUT...a place for trucks... which have lost their brakes descending long steep mountain roads... to "RUN OUT" over soft soil or gravel to stop the runaway rig (truck) instead of crashing.


Returning down the canyon highway to the town of SUPERIOR.

The tall smoke stack is a remnent from the huge COPPER mine which put SUPERIOR on the map.

That Copper mine is now closed, but I am told a new mine is being developed smack on top of SUPERIOR.

This mine, said to be the LARGEST copper deposite ever found in the United States  will never be seen.  The Copper is so far under ground that Men cannot work at such depths.  Robots, it is said will be employed to bring the ore to the surface.

The name of this new Mega-Mine is "RESOLUTION.

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