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Friday, April 4, 2014


As promised, we have left PARKER, AZ, which city has been kind and helpful for nearly two weeks.

Having walked each day in one direction or other from city center, have caught up on a few short-walks coming down the line.

Drove the 25 miles to BOUSE, parked and completed the first 10 miles of three walk sessions.

The above  is the M-60 PATTON Main Battle Tank...designed , built, and fought, after World War II.

My elder Brother, Jay, was a tank driver for the 7th Cavalry during the KOREAN WAR in 1950-51.

VFW (VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS) ...of which I am a member of the Key West Post.

BOUSE is one of more than a dozen World War II Training Centers based in or near the sprawling sands of the California, Nevada, and Arizona....dedicated to training tens of thousands of American Volunteers to operate and fight for the historic General George S, PATTON, during the closing phases of World War II in Europe.

PATTON's Tankers Training Ground...

SR 72 leading into the village of HOPE, Arizona.

In addition to being a major highway Crossroad center, HOPE has a RV Site, a gas station, and a Convenience Store.

U.S. Highway 60 which crosses the USA East - West.

Climbing the hill out of HOPE to the town of SALOME, where this blog is being created in the CACTUS BAR & CAFE.

Now 5:30 PM.  Must find a place for SPIA-2 to park for the night.

In the morning, will walk BACK on US 60 to recover the 6 miles we drove from HOPE to SALOME this evening.  Will then continue on US 60 toward PHOENIX, Arizona, some 90 miles distant.

For those with a map, the city of GLOBE lies some 100 miles directly East of PHOENIX.  We will eventually reach GLOBE, where we may make a MAJOR change to our trip around the perimeter of America.  Details tomorrow.

US Highway 60.

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