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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Anyone reading recent 4 or 5 blog updates must look a bit askance at me.  Walking in the clouds one day.  Walking hundreds of miles removed the next day.  Jumping from NEW MEXICO to a goodly distance into TEXAS the next.

What the younger generation says; "GO FIGURE!"

Was again up with the Rooster, driving SPIA-2 the 21 miles to LOGAN, parking, walking BACK towards TUCUMCARI to close off the driven miles.

Had lots of miles to cover today before the Sun heated up the air which causes the storm strength wind to rise shortly after noon.

Above image is US 54 as it passes through the town of LOGAN, N.M.

I received a welcoming committee.

Nice looking Restaurants and Convenience Store.  Since I ate in the car this morning (cereal smothered in Yogurt), I kept walking North on US 54.

LOGAN is a SNOW BIRD town; i.e., a place for Northerners to flock during the winter to escape the COLD back home.

On May 05, local UTE LAKE is holding a BASS Fishing Derby - 1st Prize is $500.00 - keeping a few Snow Birds from leaving quite yet.

The three images above once again bring to our attention the LAND BRIDGE.  In the early 1960s was conceived the LAND BRIDGE to carry "containers" from Sea to Sea by rail instead of sending ocean-going ships through the PANAMA CANAL or around CAPE HORN.  Yes, I have been through the Panama Canal and three times sailed around or along side Cape Horn.

I was also involved during 1962 through 1975 helping with the LAND BRIDGE in that I was Contracts Manager for two major Container Crane builders:  LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT CORPORATION, Crane Division; and, KRUPP INTERNATIONAL, INC of White Plains via ESSEN, Germany. 

This region of US 54 passes close to the Great Plains of COLORADO.  The countryside is similar in topography; i.e., FLAT.

Ironic to find that my first walk - from Vancouver, B.C., Canada back in 2010 to KEY WEST, Florida, brought me to the town of GUYMON at the crossroads of US 54 and US 64.  I will arrive in GUYMON after walking from DALHART (where I will overnight the next two nights) to STRAFORD...then to TEXHOMA...then to GOODWELL...and finally reaching GUYMON about April 22 - 23, 2014.

Should there be a Celebration of the CROSSING ?

Old friends in new places.

Returning to the town of LOGAN.

Arriving in the village - what is left of it - of NARA VISA, New Mexico.

Once a bustling Cattle Center with rail service to haul the cattle to market, I-40 changed all that.  18 Wheeler Trucks now carry the cattle direct from local ranches to market.  The train no longer stops.  The town is nearly closed down with only a Truck Inspection Station, a Motel, a U.S. Post Office, and a "mechanic" working from his home struggling to survive.

 The Bank, the School, the Bar and Grill, two Truck Stops with Cafe, and sundry other businesses have disappeared.

Closed Truck Stop.

Made walks both North and South out of NARA VISA.

 An unpaved country road leading into unseen distance.  Most country roads of the Great Plains are dirt; i.e., No pavement.  When it rains, it is not nice.  4 years ago, Great Plains farmers complained to me that COLORADO DOT (Department Of Transportation) funds are used in and around the hills of DENVER's Rocky Mountains to satisfy the desires of the "others"...not the farmers.

Maybe that has some truth.

For every private vehicle passing by on US 54, at least 10 big trucks roar by.  Seems US 54 is a main route to and from the CHICAGO area to I-25, I-40, and I-10 corridors to PHOENIX and the LOS ANGELES basin.

Another CLOSED Truck Stop of NARA VISA.

NARA VISA Used Car Lot.

1921 Truck and 1953 Buick in the Used Car lineup.

The BAR, now closed.

Heavy Duty Vertical Drill standing on the sidewalk.

WESTERN STARS Motel...still open for business in the capable hands of Sandy.

Please say HELLO to SANDY.  SANDY invited SPIA-2 and me to park for as long as we wish.  SANDY also pulled out her special road maps with which we followed US 54 all the way into CHICAGO, taking me close to DeKALB, my current destination to once again visit 'lil Sister, CAROL...for the 4th time...walking the USA to do so.

I hope she understands I Love Her, even if she....oh, never mind !

The Road, US 54, to:


* * * * * * * * * *

Am in McDonald's, where this version is coming together.  Now 8 pm, Central Time. 

Manager, Angie, has also invited SPIA-2 and ME  to park overnight in their spaces...for as long as we like.

From here, we have some 35 miles from the South to recover from our drive from Nara Visa.  We will walk some 32 miles North toward the town of STAFFORD.

The strong winds are still with us all afternoon, making breathing difficult.

The Mountains are essentially behind us.  From 4 years ago, I seem to remember a RIFT - UPLIFT  East / West along the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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