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Monday, April 14, 2014


I mentioned in this blog a couple posts ago that I could not sleep for concern about my walk and how I was managing it.  Yesterday the ER Nurse in SPRINGSVILLE expressed fear for potential organ failure or severe damage (my organ) when deprived of Oxygen.

Since walking from the city of GLOBE a week or so ago, my walk has moved into extreme altitudes crossing the ROCKY mountains at heights reaching 8.000 feet.  During this period, I felt a growing weakness.  To counteract my growing concern, I improved my diet and pushed even harder than normal to keep up with prior performance.

Then the extreme high winds further impacted my walking.  Shear pressure of the wind made breathing even more difficult.

At the suggestion - the demand of the EM Nurse, I immediately drove East on US 60, leaving the 7,600 feet elevation of SPRINGSVILLE behind.

I drove to the town of SOCORRO, some 120 miles distant, only to discover the elevation still near 7,000 feet.  I stayed overnight in SOCORRO, attempting to walk further East this morning on US 60.  I found the 150 or so miles to my first major destination, TUCUMCARI, passed thru another mountain range at near 8,000 feet.

I returned to I-25, driving the 50 miles North to the city of ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, turned onto I-40, continuing another 150 miles.  To my shock, I-40, immediately rose up a many-mile long hill, reaching the "TOP" at the Convenience Store / Gas Station called SEDILLO TRAVEL CENTER, to find the elevation back at 7,600.

Becoming more concerned as my attention was pointed outdoors where SNOW covered most of the ground.  The Manager said the snow fell during the night...a pittance as to the severe snow storm reaching to KANSAS and beyond.

I telephoned Sister CAROL to keep her informed, to which she, in DeKALB, Illinois, said, "Yes, and it is snowing outside my window right now."

I again took SPIA-2, my trusty 1995 MAZDA MPV now with 265,000 miles, back onto I-40.  150 miles later, we pulled into LOVE"s TUCUMCARI Truck Stop.

Filled with gas to the pleasant news that the local elevation was a bit UNDER 5,000 feet, and would remain at that approximate level through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas...beyond which, no promises.  Of course, all those States are on my walking route to DeKalb.

Since turning East on I-40, I have followed the famous ROUTE 66.

Not a sensational pic, but that IS SNOW.  Most of the drive to TUCUMCARI was with a few inches along the roadway and into all visible distances.

Reaching TUCUMCARI, skies cleared, ole SOL came out smiling from behind the overcast.

DENNYs Restaurant was waiting my arrival in TUCUMCARI, where I sit on a soft booth bench creating this offering.

Will overnight at LOVE's and check out how I feel in the morning;  then, whether to take a full day off - hopefully without any further stress or breathing constriction - before continuing my walk.

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Melissa said...

Sorry you had a trip to the ER, I hope everything looked ok. Let me know if you need anything from Bellingham! We are keeping track of you, can't believe how far you have gone already!