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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


After a good night sleep, was up when still dark.  Drove to McDonald's for their $1.00 Muffin, planning to make a bowl of cereal and yogurt in the car (but never did).  Drove to the edge of the town of GLOBE on US 60 East, parked SPIA-2, and set out as the Sun rose over the mountains.

It was 6:15 am.  Had no detailed walking plan, but was feeling fresh and kinda sassy.  Far in the East was a range of hills I figured US 60 had to cross, so I set out.  US 60 was 6% steep as I sauntered up, not a care in the world.

I returned to SPIA-2 at 11:30 am, being continuous on that mountain for over 5 hours...still feeling great.
Had no pain...was breathing stress having walked some 22 miles up and back down some challenging roadway.

US 60 crawled UP and OVER that distant did I.

New - to me - type Cactus.

Getting the hang of imaging road elevations...

Some folks choose interesting places to build.

UP...UP...and UP we go.

Another Loved One did not come home.

Could this tree be called Beauty In Death???

Nearing the top.

From whence we have climbed.  GLOBE is against the distant mountain,,,albeit a bit to the right (North).

Walking back down...the most dangerous part of walking.  Steep "down" roads easily cause Shin Splints.  To avoid injury, I speed up my pace, but also shorten my stride to give ligaments and muscles a bit of slack from 210 pounds of ME pounding my feet into the unforgiving pavement.

Yes, I ALWAYS take moments to marvel at the beauty, which is ever present.


SPIA-2 is parked at a "Brake-Testing" Pull-off.  Highway Engineers DEMAND truck and vehicles with trailer physically check their vehicles before proceeding down the next 6% hill. I did not know it at the time (12:00 Noon), but that hill was to prove to be one of the most beautiful AND FREIGHTNING hill I have ever been on.  But, getting ahead of myself.

Parked at the Ghost Town of SENECA, which is 34 miles distant from GLOBE, I had another 12 miles to walk to make up for our drive from GLOBE to SENECA.

So, still feeling great, I began a 4-mile climb BACK up US 60 ... again a 6% climb. 

I began this walk at 12:15 Noon, climbed the hill and far beyond, returning to the car at 4:30 PM...on the road another four hours, all on steep hills - plus a few miles on the MESA at the top of the hill.

Still had not eaten more than that Muffin.  Returning at 4:30, I devoured 1/3 of a foot-long SUBWAY Sandwich, a glass of iced Coca Cola, and a cup of yogurt.  Seems crazy, but I MUST eat before I walk.  After walking, I have no hunger.

US 60 rises behind the SENECA sign, curving around, UP, OVER, and beyond the distant did I

Derelict buildings of SENECA.

Please say HELLO to QUEENY and her sister YALONDA, who stopped on the climb up the hill, gifting me a can of PEPSI COLA.  Living in the town of FORT APACHE, they were on their way to visit 91 year old MOM in GLOBE.

,,,and finally, we reach the hill top...walking a Mesa from where one can see forever in all directions.  Lots of mountains around these parts...this, being my fourth crossing on foot of this majestic range known as the Rocky Mountains.

...and we must walk back down ...

Returning to SPIA-2 at SENICA, I am now a bit hungry...trying to reach a decision to continue walking down the next 6% "down" hill, or stay the night at SENECA.

I finally decide to DRIVE down the next hill.   AND A GOOD DECISION it turned out to be, for that "hill" turned out to be one of the most magnificant CANYONs I have ever seen.  

THE SALT RIVER CANYON.  I will not try to describe this hidden secret place.  I suggest a search of SALT RIVER CANYON would be a rewarding few moments well spent.

Some photographs I managed to take ...

The Salt River is that tiny BLUE spot a bit left of center in middle distance.

US 60 is seen descending the face of the cliff opposite...a total of 10 or so "switch-backs" straight down the face of that 90% cliff.

The Salt River using Telephoto magnification from above.

Probably not to challenge the Grand Canyon, which I have NOT seen...but awesome in it's own right...and down-right scary to drive down - and back UP - these vertical walls.

* * * * * * * * * *

We have continued to the city of SHOW LOW, some 40 miles distant from SENECA.  Much of US 60 is under construction...the roadway being made wider - perhaps even 4-lane.

Over night at SAFEWAY once again, will attempt to walk BACK on US 60 in the morning for at least 20 miles.  I discount the CANYON and Construction Areas as "Un-walkable"

Believe I will sleep well tonight...

My feet hurt !  Too much on steep roadways...and in nearly new shoes still only partially "broken-in".

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