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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Spent an enlightened day in TUCUMCARI, New Mexico.

US Highway 54, which I will be walking for several days, proves to be one of the better designed and constructed so far.  Look forward to enjoying this portion of America which I have never before visited.

Walked half way to LOGAN before returning to spend many hours walking the streets and visiting a number of businesses and museums.

As for the weather, it was bitter cold this morning with the wind picking up shortly after noon as ole SOL warmed up the air..

A functioning Wind Mill, spinning like crazy even in the morning's light breeze.

Locals refer to this region as MESALAND, which is so far, flat in all directions.

Elevation is 4,096 feet.

Walked all day with no shortness of breath.  The strong afternoon wind became uncomfortable, but tolerable.

Looking Southwest, the distant mountain should be our last for nearly 1,000 miles

Returning to TUMCUMCARI, I entered in the "old district".  This district was, I am told, once the center of a thriving bustling growing city.  In the early 1960s, the opening of I-40 Interstate took away the historic traffic flow, resulting in closing of many businesses.  Street after wide street in now empty of vehicles, commercial buildings, or homes.

One or two specialty businesses have thrived.  TUCUMCARI Ranch Supply is among those, creating an interesting decor, special events and excellent food, including Sit-Down BBQ.

Wild animals are tastefully displayed throughout the store.

Please say HELLO to JOHN, long time employee.  JOHN greeted me and prepared an excellent Pulled Pork lunch which was gifted to me.

Please say HELLO to JIMMY and STELLA WATSON, owners of TUCUMCARI Ranch Supply.
Jimmy related his own experience at hand combat with a VERY LIVE DEER, giving he and I something in common.

Tastefully decorated with historic and local antiques, this room also serves regulars enjoying good food.

Regular scheduled BBQ dinners are served in this separate building...a continuation of the decor creativity of JIMMY and STELLA.

An excellent "soda" PoP drink included in my lunch.

Walking further from Old Town I came upon streets filled with occupied homes and active businesses.

The town has moved it's center of activity to famous Route 66.

TUCUMCARI Industrial Museum includes a F100 Super Sabre of 1960 vintage, when I-40 caused Old City to decline.  ROUTE 66, also called The Boulevard has revitalized the city.

A piece on display at the Museum.

Please say HELLO to BOB and JOAN, visitors to the Museum.  BOB and JOAN are RV'ers, touring the USA from their prior home, NEW JERSEY.

Please say HELLO to JOY YOUNG and PAULA NEESE, employees, with whom I had conversation about our old days and how we are handling our older years.

Museum Piece.

New town neighborhood.

A busy ROUTE 66.

Murals abound along ROUTE 66.

Studebaker which was very popular.

As was the metal STINSON aircraft.

Fantasize Dennis may have limited support funds.  Setting his sign alongside an eye-catching VACUUM sign is certain to gain a few votes.

* * * * * * * * * *
I plan to stay over night again at the FLYING J Truck Stop.

My "kitty" has been depleted significantly by the 350 mile unexpected; drive off the lofty New Mexico Rocky Mountains; depleted to the degree that American Express has temporarily cut off my gas money for the next two weeks.  Seems the GAS STATIONS placed a $100.00 "hold" on my AMAX Credit Card each time I purchased fuel, causing my credit limit - small at best - to be reached much sooner.

That means when my current full gas tank (purchased with my food money)  is empty, we STOP until more funds become available.

That gas stations could do such a thing is at least, CRIMINAL. 

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