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Thursday, April 10, 2014


At 330 pm, Friday April 11, 2014:  (New blog update to follow later this evening.)

ADDENDUM:  Two days ago I walked two 6% mountains while feeling fantastic.   This morning (04/11/14) woke up to a constant pain at the left SCIATICA as best I can judge.   It was preceded yesterday by a left hip strain coming DOWN the final hill into SENECA.

May be another warning that I must slow down or at least hold back a bit. 

Lessor performance may be a better objective than proving something which has been many-times proved...especially if continued injuries result.

* * * * * * * * * *

Something different this evening.  Am in the city of SPRINGERVILLE, ARIZONA.  At elevation 7,000 feet above sea level, it will get cold tonight.

I have procured overnight parking for two nights.

I have some 30 miles to walk BACK US 60 in the morning.  The final few images of this update is where I will be walking.

It is getting dark.  I am VERY tired and somewhat weak in the thighs...was that way this morning, but still put in two 4-hour and one 3-hour.  Took a mid-day nap before deciding to drive to SPRINGERVILLE.

The wind was fierce today, being about 35 mph .

Will finish narrating this update tomorrow.  Right now, I need sleep.

Please enjoy the pictures.

SHOW LOW is a modern College Town situated high in the Rocky Mountains.  Seems at first look to have everything one could find important for pleasant living.

Photo policing seems to have replaced some police.

Development is encroaching the forest set on a plateau covered by mature PINE TREES, some reaching for 100 feet high.

WHITE MOUNTAIN seems to be of great importance.  Since reaching the fantastic SALT RIVER CANYON, the name White Mountain is seen often. 

This is a thick forest carpet of Pine Needles.  We are not far from the site of the vast forest fire which swept the northern part of the Apache Reservation.  With a carpet of pine needles such as above, no wonder the fire was so stubborn to defeat.

Above pics are from my morning walk.  Upon returning to SHOW LOW, Drove to the East side of the sprawling city, WHERE i SET OUT AGAIN.  Following images are from my afternoon walk.
NOTE:  My left leg was spasaming in the upper thigh during this walk; possibly a prelude to the sciatica pain this morning.

Interesting the trees are no longer traditional 100 foot tall Pine.  Short stubby trees have taken over the land in the short distance of "cross-town" of SHOW LOW.

Steep hills were present this afternoon.  Of more concern was the powerful wind out of the South West which sucked my body dry.

Sand is no longer part of the topography, being replaced by an unending carpet of nearly WHITE grass.

US 60 topped out at 7550 feet above sea level at a distance of about 25 miles from the city SPRINGSVILLE, Arizona.

Drove to SPRINGVILLE this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning, plan to walk BACK on US 60 to the 7550 elevation marker.

Samples of the White Mountain Apache Reservation Lands I will walk in the morning.

Breath taking in all directions.

Yes, the grasses do paint the land WHITE.

Am going to try re-posting this ADDENDUM.

Will then tackle today's blog as a new up-date.

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