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Thursday, April 24, 2014


They call this region Tornado Alley.  Any tornadoes touch down here, I asked.

Oh, yes, a few. I was told.

Rolling out of SPIA-2, it looked promising.  Dark low hanging clouds...high winds...intermittent rain.  If I was going to photograph a tornado, looked a good morning to do so.

The wind had been out of the West.  Suddenly, it shifted to blow out of the North.  In one hour, the sky was clear of all clouds and the wind moderated to half previous speed.  No tornado today!

But what a nice day for walking.

Please say HELLO yo ROB, who stopped to guide me to OLD US 54.

LAND BRIDGE Tracks crossing America.

Corn was last year's crop.  Wheat this year.

OLD US 54 as the Sun popped from evaporating Storm Clouds.

JOHN DEERE Sales Offices.  Seen plenty such John Deere properties crossing America.  None quite so well stocked or appointed.  If looks count, this dealership goes to the head of the class.

Please say HELLO to JEREMY and ALICIA of JOHN DEER's KEATING COMPANY, serving the LIBERAL area for over 60 years.

AH-HA...caught some men at work!  They seem to be preparing to install a pipe under the old US 54 roadway.

Please say HELLO to ROD, who, sitting down on the job, must be the Boss.  Had a nice - and fun chat with ROD and his partners.

The Truck Stop at which SPIA-2 over nighted.  Also invited to enjoy the Truck Drivers Lounge in which blog of yesterday was created.

Thank You for your kindness.

Truck Stop Mascot.

McDonald's of LIBERAL Mascot.

Stopped in at VERISON to ask how to use my new phone.

Please say HELLO to Jose', who had all the right answers and was patient with me while I absorbed his information.

Thank You, Jose'.

The good weather got me back on NEW US 54, where walked a stint toward the Unincorporated village of HAYNE.  Then drove to HAYNE, parked SPIA-2 and walked some miles back toward LIBERAL.

Have bee n told that the LIBERAL region is heavily populated with Oil and Gas Wells.  The well pumps are not, however visible as the petroleum is in the ground under such pressure that no pumps are needed.

This Trucker from BREMERTON, Washington, calls his front steel guard his "MOOSE GUARD."

Please say HELLO to CONNIE (l.) and DOROTHY, both KANSAS STATE EMPLOYEES manning the KANSAS PORT OF ENTRY, where Truckers have their legal papers and truck licensed weight limitations checked out.

We three enjoyed a lengthy chat during which I was plied with drink and food, over filling a hug Goodbye.

DOROTHY has a message for the World.  The city of LIBERAL, the home of DOROTHY of KANSAS and the official Yellow Brick Road (US 54) , is AWESOME.


* * * * * * * * * *

I have driven the 10 miles to KISMET, the next village East on US 54.

Upon invitation of the GENERAL STORE of KISMET, have nearly completed today's Blog Update.

SPIA-2 will park here over night.  Trust our good weather will hold, as we can cover a good distance tomorrow in both directions from KISMET.

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Rodney Hess said...

Hey Bruce,

Have you noticed how all the towns you visit, have 2 things in common? They are all pretty small, with low population, but always a big grain elevator.

Love all your great photos, just like being there in person.

How is your health holding up?