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Friday, April 25, 2014

POST 1301; APRIL 25, 2014; MEADE, KANSAS

Welcome to Friday Afternoon in MEADE, KANSAS.  Images have been selected and uploaded, ready for narration.

Walked twice this morning - actually set out before Sun Rise and with a short interlude to take off my winter coat after the first walk - was COLD last night -  continued for three more hours East on US 54.

Returned to KISMET in time for lunch at the SENIOR CENTER...then drove the 20 miles to MEADE, Kansas, where this update is ready for narration at PIZZA HUT.

FIRST:  Weather is going nuts nationwide.  MEADE, Kansas, where I plan to over night three nights, is dead center of a thunder storm / tornado possibility - lasting from tomorrow, Saturday, through Monday.

This should be fun.  Have already been given "safe" places to park over night and under cover from damaging golf ball size hail which can do real damage to SPIA-2. 

A town of some 500 has a far ranging popularity for their LABOR DAY World's Fair.

Sun Rose to another beautiful day out on the Range.

Colorful Milk Trucks service numerous local Dairy Farms.

General Store folks who have been so kind allowing use of their WII FII service and over night parking.

Interesting topographical change has developed.  The FLAT Plains are changing to slight undulating HILLS.

Distant lifeless vistas are being interrupted by Ranches popping up with cultivated fields of wheat being IRRIGATED from above ground Rotating SPRINKLER Systems.

Elevations are changing slowly.  The land is sloping away from the beyond -the- horizon Rocky Mountains.  The slope is bringing hills and valleys, which will become more pronounced as we move East.  The MISSISSIPPI River Valley is just over the horizon.

Some travelers leave these simple markers...where their lives came to a close.

Sprinkler in action.  Please note the water spray only inches above the growing Wheat Crop.

Placed any higher, the sprinkler heads would spray water to the ever blowing wind.  Underground "drip" irrigation is being discussed for the near future.

Nice to meet old friends in new places.

These Praying Mantis looking machines are proliferating the landscape.  We are in the OIL and GAS production zone stretching from deep into CANADA to the Gulf of MEXICO off the TEXAS Coast.

Found this DOLL in the grass along side US 54.  Fetched her, straightened her mussed skirts and set her in easy view of passing vehicles.  Perhaps she will find a new MOM to give her renewed TLC (Tender Loving Care).

An actual valley.  The CIMARRON River runs through it.

Distant hills welcoming the flat lands of the Great Plains which stretch from the Rocky Mountains in the West nearly to the MISSISSIPPI River Valley in the East.

KISMET Main Street.

KISMET Main Street.

Metal sheathed Grain Elevator.

Yes, small towns boast really big Grain Storage Elevator Silos

Pumping hot oil...

...from Mother Earth into those Oil Tanks.

KISMET creating the APEX of a rather nice mathematical photograph.

Please say HELLO to LINDA, whom I met while watching her fill her SUV gas tank.  Keeping her from her appointment, we chatted until jogged by another gas customer who agreed to take a pic of LINDA and ME pic, please !

Hmmm;  Nice pic, make ME look half OK, too...course, I just finished 20 miles and had to go pee., naturally, I popped into the KISMET Senior Center, where I was just in time for lunch.

Please say HELLO to LARRY MYERS, who ate and ran.

...and, please say HELLO to DEAN, on his left: MARY, then ROSIE and JUNE

Lunch was excellent, provided week days by the State of KANSAS to all Senior Centers.

Please say HELLO to LACY, the gorgeous young lady who prepared and served our lunch.

A KISMET home.

HOME of the three DALTON BROTHERS, famous historic OUTLAWS of the 1890s.  This is their real home in MEADE, Kansas, which I visited upon my arrival from driving the 20 miles from KISMET. 

Two brothers dead.   One brother severely injured when the gang tried to get cute and rob two banks at the same time.  Residents of COFFEYVILLE, Kansas did them in (gunned them down in a gun fight).

Reproduction of the Brothers' DALTON Barn.  Original burned down, to be rebuilt in the 1920s by WPA workers.

WPA = US Government program for putting millions of Americans to work during the dark years of the Great Depression.

Please say HELLO to a very special man, MARK.  MARK greeted me at the DALTON BROTHER's home, talked me through History dripping from the surrounding walls. 

The background directly behind MARK is the actual "escape" TUNNEL built by the BROTHERS from their home to the Barn down the hill.

Standing at the Barn Corner, the "Escape" Tunnel follows the Lay Line to the home top of the hill.

I mentioned to MARK, my visit to BONNIE and CLYDE historic spots, whereupon MARK revealed he is also somewhat of an expert on B and C...who visited MEADE, Kansas, where their car broke down.  Clyde set off down (NOW) US 54 to a Picnic of locals where he attempted to make off with a parked car.  Seems the Picnic Ladies took issue with Clyde's wishes and gang attacked him with their CROQUET MALLETS from which Clyde ran off.

* * * * * * * * * *

Is now 7:30 PM.  Have worked on this update for over 5 hours.  I trust my efforts are worthy.

Ahead of tomorrow's storms, will walk 7 miles back toward KISMET and return to MEADE.

If the weather allows, will walk East on US 54 toward FOWLER, some 10 miles distant.

Oh, by the way, the Mother of the DALTON BROTHERS was related to the equally famous OUTLAWS, The YOUNGER GANG.

Seems the boys were FIRST COUSINS. 

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